Monday, August 8, 2016

At Joint Section Conference, CPDM Militants of Nwa Plead for the Creation of Mantung Division

Hon. Mbucksek and Dr. Ngomfe hand in hand

Militants and sympathizers of the CPDM of Donga Mantung V Section (Nwa) in the North West region have issued a motion of support calling on President Paul Biya’s candidacy in the forthcoming Presidential elections. The call was made during a Joint Section Conference that took place on August 6, 2016 in Ngom (Sabongari). In the motion, Donga Mantung V Nwa (Section of the CPDM) also moved their total and unflinching support to His Excellency President Paul Biya, the National Chairman of the CPDM party, head of state, President of the Republic and the institutions that he incarnates. Militants also reviewed with satisfaction the resounding victory being recorded by the Defense Forces in the on-going war against the devilish terrorist sect Boko Haram. They declared the CPDM as the bedrock of national cohesion at the service of an emerging Cameroon, thus declared their loyalty and indefinable support to President Biya.
Matters Arising
Welcoming delegates, militants, sympathizers and invitees to Ngom known as Sabongari town, the Section President of Donga Mantung V, Hon. Genesis Mbucksek said he is overwhelmed by the massive turnout which is indicative of their determined efforts quest for the development of the enclaved subdivision that shares a very long boundary with the Taraba State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (140 km). he said to have braved the steep rocky hills, deep valleys with fast running streams and rivers from Adere to Mbat, from Mbepji to Lus, from Jui to Kwaja, from Sih to Saam, from Yang to Nkot, from Nwa to Lih, from Shie to Wajiri, etc and other distant villages in the Mbaw plain is enough testimony of the loyalty for President Paul Biya. The CPDM, he said is growing from strength to strength and that they are not prepared to mortgage the development of the Nwa in exchange for dreams. The come-together he emphasized, “should offer us the greatest opportunity for stock-taking, planning and for renewed stewardship to the desires, and aspirations of our great party”.  He warned against lip services, fractionalization as witnessed prior to the last re-organization exercise and reccommended reconciliation and harmony within the ranks of the militants. “Because your militancy is not supposed to be conditioned by the amount of money most of you, more often than not, often expect to receive from the party, nor should it be determined by the amount of money you give to the party. Quoting from Chiara Lubich’s idea in Ponder and Live better, Hon. Genesis Mbucksek outlined that “it takes a heart rich with love (for the CPDM) and hands wiling ti serve (the CPDM). You don’t need a large purse vomitting with bank notes to change the world; you need a large heart that can give out love in the epic proportions and can absorb the bullets of hate without reducing the flow of love among Comrades of the CPDM. (Indeed), the greatest kind of poverty that we need to combat (in the party) is poverty of character.
To Hon. Mbucksek, the CPDM in Nwa is sailing on a good ship to glory when judged from the results since 2007 and the achievements “whereas with the SDF and other opposition parties, you are riding a dead horse to underdevelopment”. He called on all the living forces in Nwa to join him in asking on President Paul Biya to accept another seven year mandate. However, the Section President lamented that most of the external elites who claim to be CPDM militants and on whom the Section should have normally relied for moral, material and financial support, rather come home to fan up divisions in the party. Militants also frowned at the fact that even during national celebrations like May 20th, some of these elites do not give a dime as support in the subdivision. They also observed that even some CPDM councilors do not toe party lines which contribute enormously in hampering party activities. Analyzing future challenges, delegates noted with satisfaction that the 20 Sub Sections that make up Donga Mantung V are very active and functional. They promised to produce a crushing win for the CPDM in the forthcoming elections of at least 70%.
Harping on government’s efforts to bring the administration to closer to the people, militants also prayed on government to consider raising Nwa Subdivision to a full Division called “Mantung Division” with headquarters in Nwa and the creation of new subdivisions at Nwa central, Ntong, Ngom and Kom-Mfumte. Created since 1963, Nwa sub Division, deserves and qualifies to be raised full division and should be treated with special attention, they pleaded. Harping on the militants observed that Nwa is ripe for a full divisional status, given its vastness, proximity with Nigeria and its high population estimated at more than 75,000 inhabitants yet decried that though a border subdivision, Nwa has not benefitted from any disenclavement programme. Militants also expressed the need for a mobile health unit in Nwa that can serve the population given the vastness of the area with only one medical district officer resident in Nwa.

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