Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bangolan Chieftaincy Crisis: One Killed, 20 Blacklisted

Terror is the reigning sentiment in Bangolan village, in Ngoketunjia Division of the Norh West Region following the assassination of Pa Tata Forkeng. Reports hold that Tata Forkeng was attacked in his home and murdered in cold blood. The assassination we gathered is linked to the chieftaincy crisis rocked the village. Matters came to a head when information leaked that Fon Chafah and 19 others were targeted by the gang that assassinated Pa Tata recently. It is alleged that first on the list of those blacklisted is Fon Chafah Isaac. An atmosphere of uncertainty looms large in Bangolan as supporters of Mbipefah, who died mysteriously after release from Ndop prison, have also declared a cold war on Fon Chafah’s supporters. Allegations that women from Baba I married to Bangon are being chased away abound high. The xenophobia we gathered emanates from the fact that Fon Chafah’s mother hails from Baba I palace.

The Eye is aware that one of the grievous things is that the corpse of the Inkatha Fon has not yet been buried. Despite the fact that Fon Chafah insisted that an autopsy e conducted on the corpse to determined the cause, before burial, Inkatha’s supporters say he has a hand in it. But Fon Chafah’s supporters have dismissed the threats as mere hot air. To them, his detractors have performed all the rituals to kill Fon Chafah, rumours even hold that Fon Chafah’s picture was taken to Nigeria for him to be killed but it didn’t work. “The God Fon Chafah serves will fight for him” one of his supporters is quoted to have said.   

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