Wednesday, August 31, 2016

CPDM Names Street at Bamenda University "Paul Biya Avenue", Tubah Mayor Threatens to Pull Down Billboard

Dr. Abety
Tongues are still waging as to why Dr. Peter Alange Abety took that decision to rename a street without informing the council. Yet, some critics suspect that even President Paul Biya may also think the decision is contradictory given that he (Biya) had warned that "Let politics be for politicians and schools for students". What is unclear is whether UBa authorities will implement the decision given the varied interpretations. To the mayor of Tubah, Dr. Abety always like to get people in projects that are illegal. He is quoted to have said that even the law naming streets was not respected and the procedure not followed. Besides, the mayor Tanjong Martin also added that his office received no application to that effect and threatened to pull down the billboard. He further explains that even the Fon of Bambili was not aware and did not even understand where the street Abety was naming was. 
The Mayor of Tubah Council, Tanjong Martin has frowned at Dr. Abety's decision to rename one of the streets at the University of Bamenda as "Paul Biya Avenue". This was the outcome of the joint CPDM Section conference that took place in Bambili last August 27, 2016, presided by Dr. Abety, Section President for Mezam V, Tubah.
The Anglo-Saxon University of Bamenda is the fruit of the collective effort of North Westerners and Cameroonians who believe in quality education. It is neither the property of Bambili people, nor Tubah nor CPDM. But Peter Abety thinks it belongs to Bambili people with him as custodian.

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