Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Esu Land Crisis Turns Ugly as Gendarmes Block Over 10.000 Protesters from Trekking to Bamenda

 An atmosphere of uncertainty looms in Esu as an estimated 10.000 villagers stormed to the street to stage a protest march from Esu to Bamenda to express their anger over the arrest and detention of some youth leaders. According to a post on Facebook by the Esu Youth Development Association-LYDA, the villagers were on their way to Bamenda but were blocked between Esu and Weh by Gendarmes. It is alleged the villagers are accusing Aladji Baba Danpoullo for invading their land. To them, "Baba Must Go" away with his cattle.  
It also alleged that Alhadji Baba after acquiring land for ranching in Esu, expanded it to the point that the people claim they no more have enough farm land. However, they did not say whether the land has been expanded by how many hectares. Notwithstanding, it is not clear whether the cows have destroyed crops. (More details soon as we dig into the crisis)

Villagers blocked by Gendarmes

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