Saturday, August 27, 2016

Man Who Was Arrested, Detained for Naming His Dog Buhari Freed

Finally, the man who named his dog Buhari has been released from police custody after a team of lawyers rallied around to get him off the hook.
 Joachim Foretemose Iroko Chinakwe who was arrested and detained by the police in Ogun State for naming his dog 'Buhari has finally been released from police custody.
 This was made public by Inibehe Effiong, Lagos based lawyer and human rights activist who along with others raised money for the man's bail.
 Effiong wrote: "Chinakwe is out of the Prison custody and is presently in his house with his family. I spoke with him few minutes ago.
The struggle continues."
 It has also been learnt that about 100 lawyers are being gathered to defend the man.
 Another lawyer, Barr. Richard Akinnola, revealed this when he said, "I am trying to network with a number of lawyers to see if we can mobilise at least 100 lawyers as defence team for the man charged to court yesterday in Abeokuta for allegedly naming his dog BUHARI.
 "It's a political trial and we should make the nonsensical case political. If that vexatious and embarrassing charge is not withdrawn before the next hearing, those of us who are supporters of this government would turn the case as a trial of the government."

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