Monday, August 22, 2016

Matters Arising from Drimp Regional Youth Forum Nkambe: The Stakes and Implications of the Call to Boycott that was Boycotted

Cross section of the youths at Nkambe community hall
There was euphoria in Nkambe where over 500 youths participated in a youth forum organized by Rogers Nforgwei. Drimp Regional Youth Forum that took place at the Nkambe Community Hall on August 19, 2016 has gone into history as luminous test of the political hate that looms large in (Wi)mbum land. Although the event was seen by Rogers Nforgwei’s own CPDM elite(s) as a stage setting for his political aggrandizement, the rampant phone calls calling for boycott fell on deaf ears.

Present at the Nkambe Community hall were Fons of Nkambe, Kup, Sah, Bih, Kungi, Bongom and others sub chiefs who were buried in the crowd.
Mayor of Nkambe, Ngabir Paul Bantar in a welcome speech called on the youths to dream big in order to be productive tomorrow. Ngabir Paul Bantar, used the opportunity to urge other elites to emulate the example of Rogers Nforgwei to encourage youth empowerment.
Rogers addressing youths of Mbuwarr at Awafy Hotel
However, we gathered that the few misguided CPDM elite (names withheld) maneuvered in the dark for the event to flop but their call for boycott was extremely boycotted by the population who on the contrary showed proof of their independence. This obnoxious plan to frustrate Drimp Regional Youth Forum we were reliably informed was masterminded by a handful of elite based in some big cities. They made rampant phone calls threatening that those who would dare will be sacked from the party. “I am sure this man is after something” one local official told this reporter. “Nkambe is like not free for all. We have just observed that some of our local party officials are so arrogant that they turn to challenge hierarchy. It is regrettable”, one councilor who preferred not to be named told us. This extremely mind bugging call for boycott failed woefully as majority Mbuwarr youths after learning of the scary attempt turned out massively to participate. However, many Wimbum people of goodwill and conscience have been asking whether something is not wrong with some of their elite. To many, the funny story of asking people to boycott a youth empowerment forum on alleged political aggrandizement is an unfathomable and a joke of a very bad taste. Nevertheless, since the success of any event of such magnitude depends on the personality who organizes, Abanda Marcel defeated his detractors by showing that he is exceedingly an intelligent mobilizer and a proactive youth leader and not king of youth with three followers. Since conventional wisdom holds that when you transform neglected things into an enviable art, others will want to dislodge you to reap the fruits of what they did not plant; Rogers’ involvement in politics we gathered is creating panic within the ranks of the CPDM. The unadventurous loom is to charge the politicians and tacticians for this dreaded odium politicum. If truth be told, the unfortunate is the fact that in Nkambe, citizens don’t care to look inward a little. Whether or not they want to admit it, political hate is a demand-driven happening. Rumour monger sell high and the politicians are creating a big market for it. What is curious is that these drummers are people who society look at them as models but yet they carryout obnoxious practices to kill dreams. In raising eyebrows, giving the integrity and public credibility that politics is a good game but played by bad people, history had it recorded that all plans to frustrate Drimp Regional Youth Forum did not only flopped but sent warning signals to the detractors who are being unmask one after another. The truth is that those who have been ardent militants of the CPDM in Nkambe confirmed that Rogers Nforgwei was even the lone person who in the past was supporting local party activities. In 2011, he made the Section proud when he doled out FCFA 8 million during the fundraising in Bamenda in support of President Biya’s candidature. “He is and has remained loyal CPDM” one of his followers told us in a chat.
What was however as fiasco, was the Drimp Youth Soccer Championship. The football tournament was marred by poor organization, planning. In fact everything was poor executed.(details soon)

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