Monday, August 1, 2016

Open Letter to Bamenda Elite(s)

 By Mishe Fon

We , people of Bamenda extraction ought to be ashamed of our selves. Let us put our usual "Politics" aside for a few seconds and face our hard realities. Make we put Biya and Ndumu out of this langua bicos since becoming President some THIRTY something years ago, he has visited Bamenda THREE times (when he created the CPDM in 1982, then during the "I Do So Swear, I will build and supervise the Ring Road myself" four years later and eventually 25 years later during the so-called 50th anniversary of reunification). This historical data simply to highlight the fact that Bamenda has never and will never be at the top or bottom of their priorities.
Now, we Bamenda people have been screwed to the point of complacency and have stood by watching as the city slides into abject disgraceful squalor. At what point does an abused housewife say enough is enough? Where are the Political CPDM strange bed fellows, Intellectual and Business elites of Bamenda? I am talking about all those Big Time multi-millionaire Civil Engineering Contractors like (BUNS, TANO, JOE-CONERWATA, Ngwa, Babila etc; Heavy weight Architects like Fobi, Che, Mutah, Bongwa, Awudanga and many more. Are they not as outraged as you and I are at seeing the decrepit state Bamenda has been plunged into? Shall we just sit there like "moumous" and wait for a Government that will never and has no intention to work for its citizens? This is very un-Bamendrous.
In the United States alone out of the 29 to 32,000 Cameroonians (documented and undocumented, with or without US citizenship) about 12 thousand are from Bamenda. That is a fact. If only FIVE Thousand agreed to help their community (as they do on individual uncoordinated basis) by coming together in a pool and devote just two weeks of their "Pay Check" (at least $1000.00 per family) into a Credit Union Account; would it not jump start the process of revitalizing some infrastructural projects in that city? Do the math.That is a whooping 5 million dollars. Look at what alumni students are doing for their alma mata with their own small contributions.
Once again, look at the images of your beloved city and give your opinion.

Photo credit: Awah Cletus (NW Coalition)
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