Saturday, September 3, 2016

At Ndu Council Extraordinary Session, Councilors Condemn Malhandling of Small-holder Tea Farmers

Condemning the manhandling of small holder tea farmers at the Extraordinary Session of the Ndu Council which took place yesterday September 2, 2016 many councillors expressed annoyance over the incident, where Pa Munde was arrested, detained and sentenced to serve a three year jail term on drummed up charges.  The councillors said they are one in condemning the violation of the rights of farmers who are suffering for setting up small holder tea plantations. "We cannot let this pass, the cruel treatment of poor farmers by Cameroon Tea Estate” one of the councillors exploded.
Councillor Tume Samari questions the use of a slogan that promotes Second Generation Agriculture in Cameroon when small tea holder schemes are being tortured and the Ministry of Agriculture in is mute on the issue.  He cited the pathetic case of Pa Munde who was jailed on drummed up charges that he was spotted harvesting tea at CTE at night, when what his farms produce CTE cannot even buy all his tea leaves. He also added that some years ago, some tea farmers were arrested on grounds that the locally process tea they were marketing was toxic. “Should be CTE to determine the quality of a product of a different producer and to recommend his/her arrest”, he questioned. Individuals, families and communities are badly affected by the epidemic. He lamented that by frustrating these farmers, the burden falls on the families and children of those who were detained or sentenced unjustly. “Often they have already lost breadwinners for the family. What is the essence of the Ministry of Agriculture trying to boost agriculture when they cannot protect local poor farmers” he added. To councillor Samari, the Ndu man remains a very peaceful person.
The plight of small tea holder schemes in Ndu council area is becoming a major preoccupation as the Mayor, Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugap in a concluding statement of the worries raised by the councillors outlined that “palm bush never remains tall, because nothing will deter the population”. In an attempt to quench the anguish expressed by councillors, the Divisional Officer for Ndu, Achu George said the suspect (Pa Munde) was imprison for theft but failed to produce tangible reasons on how someone with a large estate should go bag in hand stealing tea leaves at night. The question many have been asking is whether one person can harvest tea leaves that could be sold at any price.
Execution of Ndu Council Budget Gets Positive Note
The midterm evaluation of the execution of the 2016 budget indicated that of the projection made in both revenue and expenditure, which stood at FCFA 700 million, councillors observed with alot of satisfaction that as at August 31, 2016, revenue realization amounted to FCFA 295.422.282, representing 42%. On the other hand, expenditure stood at FCFA 273.429.002 representing 39%. In his presentation to councillors, the mayor of Ndu council Bunyui Emmanuel disclosed that revenue collected locally amounted to FCFA 91.408.808 while transfer from the Council Mutual Support Fund-FEICOM stood at FCFA 144.013.474 while additional recurrent revenue stood at FCFA 214.711.976 with zero investment revenue. On the recurrent expenditure, the mayor revealed that it stands at FCFA 120.101.203 while investment expenditure is FCFA 153.327.799. He called on councillors, staff and other stakeholders to join hands together so that before the year closes the council could realize the budget in its entirety.During deliberations, councillors made proposals on how to intensify tax drive, jangali, market tolls etc and recommended new strategies.
He also presented the Ndu Council anti-corruption plan that will instill governance in communities.

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