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Back2School: CEPPAM Gives Reasons Why Professional Education is Pre-Hording Corridor to Emergence

The Director of Centre for the Promotion of Professional Education in Mbumland-CEPPEM, Tatah Emmanuel Bantar has written a letter to the living forces of Mbumland give priority to professional education as the Pre-Hording Corridor to Emergence in Mbumland. In his letter, Tatah Emmanuel Bantar recommended pertinent actions to guide students as school reopens on Monday for the 2016/2017 academic year.
In his letter, CEPPEM Director called on parents, teachers, vote holders, elites, traditional rulers, religions authorities’ political flag bearers, media men and women, the development associations etc to be reminded of the need to oriented and guide mbum youths another academic year kickstarts. “Please ensure that your children, your future leaders make the right choices. It is time for career coaching, guidance and academic orientation”. He emphasized that professional education, technical education, and vocational education is employment focused and job oriented. To Tatah Emmanuel, it is also a requisite for growth and progress, a conditions son qua non for poorly alleviation, the pre-ordained corridor to emergence in Mbum land and, above all, the surest way to make heaven.

Here below is the letter in its entirety:

Bamenda the 18th August 2016.
The Director
-          Mbum Youths and Parents
-          Honourable members of parliament Ndu Nkambe
-          Mayor Ndu council
-          Mayor Nkambe council
-          All churches in Mbum land
-          All mosques in Mbum Land
-          All community rallies in Mbum land
-          All other municipal council Ndu and Nkambe council
-          All civil society organisations
-          The National President – WICUDA
-          All Branch Residents – WICUDA
-          National Youth Council – D/M
-          All Traditional rulers
-          All Leaders of Political Parties                                                     
 Professional Education; The Pre-Hording Corridor To Emergence In Mbumland.
Recommended Actions As School Reopens For 2016/2017 Academic Year;
Dear youths;
Fellow brothers and sister of Mbumland;
It my singular pleasure to address to you the recommendation 0f the CEPPEM with regard to what academic paths our youths should follow as schools open their doors for admission against the 2016/2017 academic year. let me begin by congratulating the many  Mbum  youth  who made it at various  end of  course certificate  examination like the FSLC,GCE O/L and A/AL Technical  GCE O/L and  A/L , CAPP, Probatoire  and BACC . You people did marvellous jobs.
I equally wish to encourage those who did not make it. They should work harder in other   to have their names written with the golden pen comes 2017.
I refer you to the academic revolution which we (CEPPEM, the Member of Parliament for Ndu, The Lord Mayor for Ndu, Other Municipal authorities, National president of WICUDA, the Press, Mbum artist and other members of the public) launched in Ndu at the Ndu council in December 2014 during the ECCOFORUM 2014.
I equally refer you to the sanitation tours by the direction of CEPPEM especially that of the__/___/___, during which the primary six purples of the schools in Ndu sub-division were visited and preached the massage of Professional and technical education and vocational training. (See photo-copiers of the picture of the tours).
After the revolution and the several other sensitisation tours, the result are increasingly by interesting. During the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 academic years, there were signification increases in enrolment of Mbum Youths in the technical schools, the vocational training centres and the professional schools.            
During the sub-divisional tour within the 2015/2016 academic year, more awareness was created and many and serious commitments were taken. Many parents promised a paradigm shift while teachers resolved to communicate more. Many pupils developed positive attitudes to go professional.
Today I write to you all, (parents, teachers, vote holders, elites, traditional rulers,                           religions authorities’ political flag bearers, media men and women, the development associations etc) to remind us of the need to oriented and guide mbum youths as we prepare for yet another academic year. Please ensure that your children, your future leaders make the right choices. It is time for career coaching, guidance and academic orientation. We must be reminded that professional education, technical education, and vocational education is;
-          Employment focused and job oriented.
-          A Requisite for growth and progress
-          A conditions son qua non for poorly alleviation.
-          The pre-ordained corridor to emergence in Mbum land and,
-          Thus the surest way to make heaven.
At a time when the country is yearning for emergence and the mbum people are craving for survival, it is important for any elite or alien, who has the opportunity, to contribute his or her quota to ensure that the mbum people are rationalized. Identifying the real causes of unemployment is central to providing a lasting solution. Many mbum youths select career paths which are incompatible with available resources; some are completely chopped up by ignorance, a good number suffer from deceits while others are victims of their own problematic mindsets and/or wrong attitude...
The repercussions are glaring. Many of our youths, who for the most part do not go beyond the right school levels, are found crisscrossing towns and cities and roaming streets in quest for jobs- many of which they are not qualified for. For the few who go beyond the A/L, fewer are those who opt for professional studies. Greater proportions prefer humanities when it comes to sciences. In effect, the consequences of this misguided educational path are numerous and alarming:
Ø  Dependency is unacceptably high and persistently increasing,
Ø  Unemployment is famous and joblessness seems like and acceptable status,
Ø  Poverty have subjected many to ridicule,
Ø  The economy of Ndu and Nkambe municipality experiencing stagnation and
Ø  Mbum people seem to be married to underdevelopment.
The place of professional education and by extension the corridor to emergence is largely enshrined in the bible, the greatest book that ever existed in human history. The scriptures made us to understand that Joseph, the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, was a carpenter, wood work engineering). Mathew was tax collector.........
 The neglect of professional education, technical education and vocational training was not just a visionary failure on our side; it went closer to sinning against God. The issue at stake here, therefore, goes beyond educational philosophy, visions and objectives to include salvation. The revival question thus is “what must we do be safe”
*      To be safe from unemployment,
*      To be safe from poverty and ridicule,
*      To be safe from stagnation,
*      To be safe from further ridicule and
*      To be safe from under development
I appeal to you to say NO to cloudy educational paths, and choose professional education as a pre-ordained corridor to emergence in Mbum land.
The time to act is now;
*      The person to act is you;
*      The action to take is to pursue professional education;
*      The action to take is to sponsor technical education and vocational training.
With Ndu now endowed with several technical schools and vocational training centres while Cameroon can boost of  eight(8) states universities and one hundred and ninety two(192) private universities and university institutes, many of which offers professional training and some just at your door steps, the stage is set for professionalism.
What is left for you is just the choice of the educational part. In making your choices parents and students are advice to attempt resolving the education-life equation below;
“Means (Finance) Ξ Educational Path Ξ Qualification/Skills Ξ Employment”
Going by this equation, parents and students must find out which educational path is more compatible with the job market, taking in to consideration the cost and duration of the training as well as the financial strength of the sponsors.
In conclusion, CEPPEM advises that parents should make choices which are relevant to the development of skills needed by the job market.
Thanks for your kind attention
Yours sincerely
Tatah Emmanuel Bantar
Director - CEPPEM

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