Thursday, September 1, 2016

Post Presidential Elections Violence: Gabon in Flames, Blood

Following the proclamation of last Saturday’s Presidential Election results in which incumbent Ali Bongo and opposition candidate Jean Ping, all declared selves winners, and violence has erupted. Reports say the national Assembly and several public offices, shops, restaurants, etc been set on fire.  The opposition says it is a similar scenario that took place in 2009 during the last Presidential elections. Besides, Gabonese stormed the street enchanting end of the road for the 50 years; they have tolerated the Bongo dynasty that has survived through massive and untold electoral fraud.
Both candidates declared themselves winner after Saturday's elections. Yet official results announced by the Minister of Interior place Ali Bongo on 49.80% while Jean Ping scored 48.23%. As tension mounts, International observers EU, U.S, France have demanded for recount of vote polling station by polling station. At atmosphere of uncertainty now looms in Gabon. In an interview with France 24, Jean Ping decried that his supporters are being killed by armed soldiers and called on Ali Bongo to accept defeat, bow out and handover. “We will guarantee his security”, he concluded. However, below are some of the pictures circulation of the internet allegedly from Gabon. 

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