Tuesday, September 20, 2016

St. Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences (Ndu Campus) Begins Admission of Students Nationwide

Previously reserved only for candidates from Donga Mantung Division, St. Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences (Ndu Campus) has expanded it admission programme to candidates from over the Republic.

This year admission is opened to the entire Republic and the number of departments have been increase to seven (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Radiology, Midwifery, Pharmacy and Medical Laloratory Techniques).  What is however so interesting is that all students at Ndu Campus are on some percentage of financial assistance (scholarship).  It should be recalled that St. Louis offers a number of scholarships. Some of these scholarships include:
·         Donga Matuntung Students’ Scholarship of 50%
·         The Bishop Cornelius Esua Scholarship of 100%
·         The Akwi Memorial Foundation Scholarship of 50%
·         The North West Professional Scholarship Scheme/CNYC Sourced Scholarships for the Mbororo Communities in Cameroon of 50%
·         Special fees consideration for students with 12 points from Furu Awa, Akwaya and Donga Mantung.
Ahead of next month school reopening, work at the construction site to host the permanent Campus has been accelerated. To the Director of St. Louis, Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, Director “at St. Louis, we give you a new vision, a new lease on life and a future of dreams turned to reality”.  As Dr. Nick puts it, the health sector in Cameroon (private and public) needs a lot of filling in and upgrades in many services.

Admission has started and forms can be downloaded at www.saintlouisuniversitybamenda.com or St. Louis facebook page .. https://www.facebook.com/STLOUISUNIVERSITYINSTITUTEBAMENDA/

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