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What You Need To Know about Tamfu Simon

Tamfu Simon
Indian philosopher, PR Sarkar, developed a new science of society that was neither solely past-oriented nor present oriented. Sarkar’s goal was to embark on a balanced institutional art whereby silenced voices are given room to be heard and out of sight structures given the opening to be known. That theory brought to limelight those who have been doing great things silently. The unsung heroes and or silence achievers are people who think and act for the betterment of society. They are the good grains of the future on which society can rely on in order to face the numerous emerging challenges. History, they say is sprinkled with the legacies of the few unique and courageous individuals. In the Cameroon and precisely in the North West Region, one of such personalities who has distinguished himself as a silent achiever is Tamfu Simon.Tamfu Simon works at Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH), a national oil and gas company. He is the Director of Exploration and hails from Taku in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region. Tamfu Simon is one of the few Cameroonians who had a jump-start in life because he believes that what is worth doing should be done correctly or not done at all. Tamfu Simon is actually going into history books as a role model.Aristotle, the greatest philosopher who introduced the concept of role models in society once argued that human race without exceptional characters is like a ship without a captain. There is no doubt that Aristotle was talking of people with exceptional characters like Tamfu Simon. From public administration to politics and development ventures to humanitarian gestures, Tamfu Simon is an extraordinary character, embodied with an unalloyed humility, vitality and energetic passion to achieve and produce results.
 The Unsung Development Luminary 
Maternity Block of Ndu District Hospital
When it comes to lobbying and mobilizing resources towards achieving projects, Tamfu Simon is the best. He exists in an exceptional class of his own. A good example of his exceptional skills is the construction of the Maternity Block at the Ndu District Hospital. Project which was funded by DANA Petroleum Co LTD and contract executed by Harmony Ventures. Prospects are high that Ndu District Hospital will soon have a mortuary thanks to Tamfu Simon. This attitude is no doubt welcome at a time when many believe squabbling and rancor are the best ways to build communities. Rather, nothing is more interesting that providing the population with the basic needs. Truth that must be spoken, is Tamfu Simon has gone far beyond his public duty as Director of Exploration at SNH to bring joy the mothers, babies and even the would be mothers and their unborn children. Many in and around Ndu Sub Division will never forget him. Some people think that development is just by calling it by name but Tamfu Simon talks little. To him, action is primordial. Such is the frankness that makes him different from others.
Think of a man who is competent at work, and you get to Tamfu Simon. This luminous example of success is a lesson to many Mbum elite(s) who in high positions hardly think of doing the best they can for the benefit of the communities. Development experts often say that if different personalities are given equal opportunities and resource endowments, the most result-oriented and innovative persons are likely to generate a higher level of output in their communities that will stimulate the growth of social scruples. If you are in exploration of someone who is wealthy in expedients, and modest in community orientations, Tamfu Simon is that correct person. Before he could get to where he is today, he toiled arduously to convert his dream into physical realism pulling down all synthetic barriers. That is why today his overwhelming success story is told by everyone. Tamfu Simon is a crystal clear person, one that likes good work and who hates corrupt practices. If his name has become a relic it is because he is doing extraordinary things and he is entering history books in great names. Meet him for a discussion then you will discover you have met a very straightforward intellectual. Take his overconfidence for arrogance, then you are wrong because the audacity and the frankness he expresses tell you that he was naturally born a workaholic. It is this frankness, hard work and determination that have made him the most admired man of all men in action in the North West Region.
Self-respect and intelligence does not consist in possessing honours but in deserving them. This is to say that if you are by any stroke of historical accident, bestowed with honours that are unjustifiable; it makes no sense; for it is equivalent to putting a golden ring on the nose of a pig. But if your works stand fall like those of Tamfu Simon, yours is earth and everything in it.
 The Sparkling Politician
Tamfu simon flanked by Shey Jones, Mejamah and Adamu Musa
Politics is a way of life yet it is reminiscent of a theater where everyone comes up, plays his/her role with a lot of pullbacks. The most impressive characters as John Quincy Adams rightly puts are those whose: actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more conscious in society. Rudyard Kipling, one of the finest English writers once said that “if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat the two the same, yours is earth and everything that is in it”. This is a straightforward reality that Rudyard Kipling had this inspiration from the obstacles and barriers we often crush to get to prominence. In our contemporary society this statement could only be referred to one person, Tamfu Simon. In life they say a right person is he/she who makes things to happen. Tamfu Simon is one of those who make things happen reasons why he has been described by many as one of those high-quality grains of the future on which society can rely on in order to emerge. As one of the resource persons and CPDM Central Committee delegates to Donga Mantung, he has always be there to give his party a push. Not long ago, he was assigned the duty to reorganize the CPDM in Nwa.
History, they say is sprinkled with the legacies of the few unique and courageous individuals who believe in collective efforts and not personal aggrandizement. The first thing that appear about this dynamic politician is that his positive actions are many reoccurring characteristics such as courage, farsighted, creative, passion for work. The tact in which he successfully managed the process in Nwa confirmed that each village, town and region can give and assert its own evolution. If we go by Plato’s definition, no one individual has demonstrated such an awe-inspiring ability to face human limitation, to cater for all what is robbed of the common man and then march beyond it into a life that knows no restriction like Tamfu Simon. Besides, he is a member of the Donga Mantung CPDM coordination headed by Shey Jones Yembe.
As a supporter of President Biya’s political ideologies, he does not only preach but make sure he puts them into practice. That said, he stands tall from the madding crowd in his ability to make politics and development bedmates. To him, politics means development and any reasonable individual should take developmental issues as the base to practice politics. He believes as a politician, his duty is to serve and not to be served. Unlike other politicians who always like to be on top to pass orders, Tamfu Simon is very different. This is so because he contends himself even if he is a floor member in any political gathering. “Good” is not the adjective that springs to mind when most people think about politicians given that our political landscape grows ever more polarized—and everyone feel increasingly alienated from the political process—the conventional wisdom seems to be that when it comes to honest men and women are hard to find. We got few in Donga Mantung Division and Tamfu Simon is one of them.

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