Sunday, October 30, 2016

After Blood Donation: Ta Nformi Christopher Fomunyoh Lays Wreath for Cameroon Train Accident Victims

.Courtesy of Foundation Radio's Mokun Njouny Nelson
The event at the crash site some 5km to the Eseka train station was solemn. A prayer from a Christian and another from a Moslem Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh then bowed in honour of his departed compatriots.
He was accompanied by local administrative authorities who briefed him on the circumstances of the accident and immediate measures that were taken to limit the causalities.
Earlier, the TFF President visited the Esseka hospital that offered first aid to the victims. Here he encouraged the medical staff for showing such compassion even under difficult circumstances.
It should be recalled that a day before, on Friday October 28, 2016 he donated his blood at the Yaounde Central Hospital and Emergency Centre.
The blood bank had ran dry following a ghastly rail derailment at Esseka on October 21, 2016, that has so far claimed close to One Hundred (100) lives with many more still in dire need of medical attention in various hospitals.
He was shown around by the Director of the Yaounde Central Hospital, Dr. Pierre Joseph Fouda and his close staff, to whom the President of TFF like he did to those in Esseka, handed a financial initiative for their endurance and as a sign of encouragement during these trying moments.

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