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Donga Mantung Mayors, Fons Applaud Solar Energy Project

Group picture with the Fons

Talking to participants during the one-day International workshop on solar energy, the Director of NOVE Consulting, Dr. Fabio Santoni explained that “Yellow Project” which he initiated is an initiative that seeks to provide lasting solution to the rampant electricity problems in the Division. Holding at a point in time that the divisional headquarters of Donga Mantung, Nkambe, has gone for three days without electricity, participants who were mostly made up of mayors and traditional rulers unanimously agreed that solar energy is the best solution.
Dr. Fabio Santoni who was the main speaker presented a vivid picturesque of the various standalone solar modules. He said the systems would be designed depending on the needs of the population ranging from individual households, to communities, water pumping systems and even water irrigation for those who want to engage in large agricultural exploitations. He also said that the idea is not just to sell Italian technology, it is also geared towards transferring of technological know-how given that some Italian experts will have to train some youths of the Division to ensure on the spot repairs and maintenances.
The Facilitator of the seminar, Ta Ngwang Blaise Nkfunkoh Ndamnsah was categorical that renewal energy is the best solution to energy problems in rural areas. He reminded participants that Nove Consulting Italy and Nove Consulting Cameroon introduced the idea as a way to curb electricity problems in Donga Mantung Division through the introduction and installation of standalone solar modules.  
Welcoming participants at the seminar, the Mayor of Nkambe Council Ngabir Paul Bantar said the project was a laudable one and would have loved to have it being implemented as soon as possible. He congratulated the Managing Director of NOVE Consulting, Dr. Fabio Santoni and Ta Ngwang Blaise Nkfunkoh Ndamnsah for the laudable initiative that will go a long way to impact lives in communities.
It should be recalled that the seminar was organized under the patronage of EuroAfricand, ANOLF and the Frontier Agricultural and Industrial Programme-FAINAP.

What They Said:

Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugab, Mayor of Ndu Council
Solar energy is the only means for this Division to emerge. The epileptic nature of electricity supply in the Division can only be solved if we embrace this project. It is a laudable initiative and I think my council will use it wisely to solve energy problems in Ndu.

Akio Augustine, Mayor of Ako Council
We are watching. Electricity is something that is farfetched in my municipality. We can only rely on solar energy for now. This is a good programme.

Mr. Mungusi, 3rd Deputy Mayor of Nwa Council
We are in the same situation like Ako. We do not have electricity in the entire municipality and I think this project to produce energy from the sun will be very useful in my municipality.

Ngariwa Lawrence, 2nd Deputy Mayor Misaje Council
Electricity lines have reached Misaje town but we are not yet connected. Apart from the fact that Misaje town is hoping to have electricity, all the other parts of the municipality are in the dark. This project will surely help in providing electricity to the villages. It is a welcome idea.
HRH Fon Mbunwe of Mbot, Warr Clan Head
I feel like Dr. Fabio is a savior sent to us. We have a technical school in Mbot with a woods work workshop which has been unable to go functional for three years just because we cannot afford a three phase electricity. It is pathetic that government has invested millions to acquire this machine yet students cannot use it and it is also deplorable that children graduate from this school when they have only been taught theories. My elite(s) and I are ready to raise funds to acquire an industrial grid that could serve these future technicians. This idea of solar energy is a good one.

The Fon of (Nkanchi) Misaje
I am happy that this project has been introduced to us and we should behave like hunters. We should embrace it and see how we can move from the dark. Today, one of the instruments of development is not only roads, electricity is also primordial. Come to my area and see how people struggle to charge phone before you will understand that this project is not only a necessity but very timely. Modern communication needs electricity, and with this project we will surely merge by 2035.

Fabio, Blaise flanked by FAINAP Coordinator, others

Flanked by local solar solar technicians

Flanked by President of National Youth Council, Donga Mantung

Group picture with mayors

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