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Friday, October 28, 2016

Here is the Full List Newly Elected North West SDF Regional Executive Bureau Headed by Hon. Njong Evaristus

 (1) Chairman: Hon. Njong Evaristus Ndim (2) Vice Chair: Chenwi Mary Magdalene
Hon. Njong

 (3) Regional Secretary: Gideon Muluh
 (4) Ass. Sec: Ngomanji Emmanuel
 (5)Treasurer : Hon. Ngala Esther Ntala
 (6) Ass. Treasurer : Fornimoh nee Amuhbingyeh
(7) Financial Sec. Mohnkang Sidiki
(8) Ass. Fin. Sec: Yong Emmanuel (9)Sec. for political education and training: Hon. Wirba Joseph
(10) Ass. Sec. for political education and training: Dr. Bobuin John Gemandze
(11) Sec. for Communication : Chris Mbunwe Kongor
(12) Ass. Sec. for Communication : Wirngo Adamu
(13) Organising Secretary: Shusi Peter (14) Ass. Org. Sec: Hon Ndong Larry Hills
(15) Sec. for Human & People's Rights: Ngwa Petus
(16) Ass. Sec. for Human and People's Rights: Emi Emmanuel Abercy
(17) Socialist Women Coordinator: Hadja Patu Yengsi
(18) Ass. Socialist Women Coordinator: Aza Rita
(19) Socialist Youths Coordinator: Mutari Hamisu
(20) Ass. Socialist Youths Coordinator: Akein Donatus K.
(21) Auditor: Chi Ndi Thomas
(22) Auditor: Mbah Thomas Tekoeh (23) Legal Advisers:
Suh Fuh Benjamin,
Kemende Henry,
Nyah Magselus and
Fanyong Patrick Yong.
(24) Elected Members:
Balick Awa Fidelis,
Emmanuel Bafon and
Songwe Cecilia.

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