Wednesday, October 19, 2016

International Seminar on Renewal Energy to Hold in Nkambe

 Blaise Nkfunkoh Ndamnsah

Dr. Fabio Santoni
This project which is code named “Yellow Project: Develop energy from the sun” is an initiative of Nove Consulting Italy and Nove Consulting Cameroon seeks curb electricity problems in Donga Mantung Division through the introduction and installation of standalone solar modules.  The International seminar which has been scheduled for October 26, 2016 shall take place under the patronage of EuroAfricand, ANOLF and the Frontier Agricultural and Industrial Programme-FAINAP. According to Ta Ngwang Blaise Nkfunkoh Ndamnsah (Project initiator/ Africa Team Nove Consulting) Donga Mantung elite based in Italy, the seminar will bring onboard Italian experts in renewal energy sector. The intention he added is to introduce Italian technologies and equipment in the solar energy sector which could be acquired at affordable rates. Accordingly, Ta Ngwang Blaise Nkfunkoh said that the main speaker at the forthcoming International seminar shall be no other person than Dr. Fabio Santoni, the General Manager of Nove Consulting Italy and Cameroon cum main promoter of the project.  The awareness and sensitization seminar is also open to traditional rulers, chiefs, sub chiefs, business owners, quarter heads, heads of services, and everyone interested in solar energy.
The workshop is fruit of the collaboration between the Nkambe, Ndu, Misaje, Nwa, Ako and Misaje councils of Donga Mantun Division with its Italian partners. Though the seminar is opened to the general public, some of the key personalities expected at the seminar include amongst others, H.E Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, H.E Shey Jones Yembe and scores of other Donga Mantung elite(s) as well as traditional rulers. Participants, according to the project initiator shall have the opportunity to see the various standalone solar panels as well as the numerous technologies that is available to the public, it various prices as installation and maintenance techniques.


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