Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ivory Coast Player Helps Save Opponent's Life After He Collapsed and Swallows Tongue During World Cup Qualifier

A popular PSG player Serge Aurier has become an unlikely hero after he helped save an opponents life who was swallowing his tongue.
Serge Aurier helped put Moussa Doumbia to his side after he fell and began swallowing his tongue
PSG defender Serge Aurier has helped save the life of one of his opponents during Ivory Coast's win over Mali.  According to Dailymail, the Ivory Coast international rushed to his opponent's side after the Malian player, Moussa Doumbia collapsed during the early stages of the World Cup qualifier between the west African rivals and is said to have started swallowing his tongue.
 Aurier quickly put Doumbia on his side to help him and later visited the player in hospital. 

'Doumbia fell and was swallowing his own tongue and Serge was one of the first to arrive and help,' said Mali boss Fousseni Diawara.
 'That's when Aurier, with one of our players, quickly put him on his side and pulled out his tongue, because he was about to lose his life.
 'There is one thing nobody is talking about, which is the manner in which he helped a Malian on the pitch.'
 'On Monday, we flew back to Paris together and we did not talk about it [the throat-slit gesture],' he told
 'Instead, he was praising our team. Ivory Coast-Mali is a hotly contested derby for both sets of supporters because the Malians and Ivorians are a bit like cousins.'

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