Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Meet Mupmbaah Harrison: The Mathematics Teacher

In our contemporary society, the job of the teacher has been relatively mistreated. But like a shoe-shiner, the teacher remains the only person who molds future professionals in all the domains. For that, what matters is what teachers accomplish and believe. The answer, after all, is in the classroom. Great teaching has long been seen as an inborn skill as critical minds continue to demonstrate that the best teachers are born, not made.
Mupmbaah Harrison is a born teacher. The warm but firm Principal of GSS Binshua in Donga Mantung of the North West Region is teacher who has caught our admiration. He has a soft voice yet is a strict teacher. Being a science teacher, Mupmbaah Harrison once told me that his best moments in school are when students give him the correct answers. Rather than spending his time musing over school administration, though principle, he is into the craft of the classroom. And he does it with a lot of dexterity. He makes sure all children are thinking hard. Not a second is wasted. Mupmbaah Harrison studied Mathematics at ENS Bambili and after graduating in flying colours, he taught in several schools as a classroom teacher before was catapulted to an administrator. Though administrator, he still holds the chalk in his hand and moves into the classroom. Did someone said only carpenters, bricklayers, masons etc are great nation builders. In fact the greatest nation builders are in the classroom. They are just more than the teachers we see them to be.  
Happy Teachers Day, sir.  

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