Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mfoundi Elite(s) at Each Other’s Throat over Memo to Biya

Political elite(s) of the Mfoundi Division (four ministers)have distant themselves from the memorandum allegedly signed patriarch Onambele Zibi which accused Biya of marginalization. The Mfoundi elite held an emergency meeting last week to analyze the stakes and implications of the memo before declaring their total for President Paul Biya. In reaction, Philippe Mbarga Mboa said they were not part of the mess and unpatriotic action.
For these elite Department of Mfoundi Division, Mfoundi is a heaven. "The Mfoundi said yes to Paul Biya and we remain faithful to him. In the Mfoundi, we are well-educated people and we do not talk anyhow, "insisted Minister, Mbarga Mboa.
Talking over Equinox TV, Onambele Zibi described the so-called political elites as hypocrites. He allegedly questioned whether it wasn’t Minister Mama Fouda who said the Bamilekes should leave Yaounde in 2014?

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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