Thursday, October 20, 2016

President of National Episcopal Conference Urges Paul Biya to relinquish

Archbishop Samuel Kleda
 Archbishop Samuel Kleda, the Archbishop of Douala who doubles as the President of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon has urged President Paul Biya to quit power before the 2018. In making the demand, the Archbishop of Douala while granting an interview to Canal 2 International  described the plethora of memoranda from various groups across the country to the Presidency of the Republic the signs of the grief nationwide.
He said President Biya should take his retirement before the 2018 Presidential Election. "When we get old and we can no longer work, it means we have come to a point where, in order to save the country and for the good of the masses, we have to give way to some other person,” he said. 
He equally called on Cameroonians to accept the reality of the imminent exit of Biya and prepare grounds for fruitful national dialogue so as to save the country from imminent disintegration in the aftermath. He blamed the tension that is enveloping as fallout of a bad political system under Biya.“Presidential elections in this country have been plagued by fraud and vote rigging. This has prevented the right successor from being groomed. Electoral systems that are guided by democratic principles are the only sure way through which the younger generation can be groomed to succeed the older. Unfortunately, such a system has never existed in Cameroon,” Kleda lamented. “The way Cameroon is governed; is no different from the way a traditional ruler or chief runs his village. This is unfortunate for the entire country,” said Kleda.

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