Sunday, November 20, 2016

Biya/CPDM at centre of lawyers’/teachers’ unrest!

 By Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 presidential hopeful (pending primaries)

CPDM/Paul Biya has hugely wronged the lawyers, legal rationality in Cameroon - the judiciary here is unlike in democracies not independent. The executive (President Paul Biya) heads it (the judiciary) and judgment on litigations is dependent on Mr. President’s say! Further, there is an absurd crusade to suppress the common law integral of the country.
          The education program in practice here is hardly that which will ensure emancipation of the country from poverty
-         The country sorts for most times expatriates to head her institutions - the military, money organizations, hosted international sports rendezvous ….
The country has two historic sub educational systems - the Anglo-Saxon and the French oriented. That which is seriously cherished by most Cameroonians (Anglophone and Francophone) is the one bewilder vandalized by the CPDM government. President Paul Biya a Francophone from Mvom Meka sends his children to Anglo-Saxon education in foreign universities while many a Francophone floods English schools in Cameroon and neighbouring countries like Nigeria, Ghana - yet Biya government is confusing the English set up here!
-teaching Anglophone learners in French and broken English!
     The CPDM government executive usurps the powers of the other two arms of government - the legislature and judiciary. Thus running a one-man-show government. The CPDM (former CNU) had been ruling since independence 1960/196)-She indebts the country in a money launder spree - bribing to maintain her self in power. President Biya on seat for over 34years together with his ministers squander most of the nation’s resources out of the country – the uplifted treasures from our banks and land are stockpiled in foreign accounts, wasted in hotel rooms abroad, lavished on the foreign press for praise singing … . The president who has woefully failed to build a good country health treatment system orchestrates most well to do Cameroonians to go for the slightest ailment out of the country. Consequently majority Cameroonians who are grassroots now toil and meet untimely death in ill-equipped clinics/hospitals of the country.
     Our country blessed with human and natural resources (forest, minerals …) yet conditioned to remain one of the poorest on the globe with most of her citizenry hope pinned on immigrating to the Diaspora for gainful employment.
-         Cameroon’s towns(inter and intra) right up to her principal cities of Douala and Yaounde have no all seasons roads to say the least
-         Hydroelectricity power generation which is the country’s main large scale domestic and commercial energy source is epileptic despite having one of the biggest potential in Africa due to her hilly terrain! Biya manipulation of elections to remain in power through now ELECAM which is his party CPDM fan principally manned elections body. Here no political party or politician worth the salt dare jokes! So far election results in Cameroon are known before elections Day (manipulated to CPDM favour).
-         Fellow Cameroonians the deadly consequences of a bad leader remaining on seat for about four decades is clearly seen from Cameroon descend from a debt free country( Ahidjio days) to the heavily indebted poor , in secured country reign of the current Biya times. Comrades this should not continue! We have to, like neighbouring countries have done, support the lawyers and teachers  in Cameroon who have rightly taken the last constitutional resort - sustained strife to depose a dictator-All political parties, all civil society that want progress and development should stand up now and remove Biya and his unproductive party CPDM from their strangle hold of Cameroon
-         We have to lay a firm foundation, we have to pick the pieces of the country and build upon which a civilization worth emulating will spring - this is the fight to serve an intact Cameroon. Fellow compatriots we have to stand up now and arrange for good electoral rules, change the leadership of the country before 2018. Let to continue solo under CPDM/ Biya, the former Southern Cameroons will break again as former British Northern Cameroons did to join Nigeria!
-         Today fight is a struggle to maintain a prosperous united country from the recklessness of a terrorist president Paul Biya and his anti-people CPDM party!
-         Biya/CPDM had never won any genuine polls here and therefore hasn’t Cameroonians mandate! Thus cardinal among the deep rooted grievances of Cameroonians is the necessity to put in place an independent unanimously accepted electoral code and polls managing body not the CPDM ELECAM and separation of powers. What will stem all these wrongs in principle is for all consequential political parties and civil society, religious bodies , various trade unions and associations  etc to actively join in this rational last resort resolve of teachers and lawyers to immediately uproot the CPDM despotism as done in progressing African nations and the world over ! Bad roads, rigged elections, non respect of the constitution and agreed laws, epileptic electric supply, un-adapted school schemes to Cameroon/African needs …affect all Cameroonians irrespective of political leanings.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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