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Dr. Nick Ngwanyam Outlines Solutions to Anglophone Problems-A Must Read


All the Anglophones are very happy that H.E. Prime Minister Yang Philemon accepted recently on behalf of the government that there is an Anglophone problem. That is already a good step in the right direction because many other ministers ganged up to say that Anglophones are noise makers and blowing hot air where there in nothing to worry about. So what then is that problem and what are the possible solutions and the outcomes? That is why the PM had the meeting with the different groups to get an understanding into all of these issues.
What are the major axis as expressed by different persons and groups who try to bring a solution to the problems? Notice that all solutions to all human problems under the sun have pros and cons. There are always advantages and disadvantages to any position or human solution. Politics thrives on these issues.
That is why President Elect Donald Trump and Mme Senator/Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had such intellectual fights crisscrossing America to argue their cases showing the pros and cons to any statement and position. Then the people voted and more controversies surfaced. That is because we are human and there is no perfect human society, nor decision. Perfection does not exist.
*PLAN A:* The teachers and Lawyers presented problems needing specific punctual solutions. *PLAN B:* Resistance and insults/lack of understanding from Ministers in Yaounde, refusing even to admit the Anglophone Problem causes the aggrieved parties to seek a 2 state federation. *PLAN C:* SCNC and sympathizers jump on board and reiterate their cry for secession. *PLAN D:* The forgotten option of the 10 state federation or call it decentralization. *PLAN E:* Other people have advocated on having a total cleansing of the current government with profound modification of the systems to give it a new vision, a new way of doing business where there is accountability, no corruption and respect of all citizens as well as a place for Anglophones in the power structure.
We shall not take the time now to argue the points for or against all these options. However some specific guide lines could help. Plan C is the last resort when nothing has worked. Combinations of ideas and mechanisms from Plan E, D, B and A could do the trick for everyone in Cameroon.
*EXPLANATIONS* Government had started on some piece-meal decentralization in the ten regions as a learning phase. If this decentralization were carried out to its full expression, that could offer some help. The idea is to go all the way and implement everything that there is to it. For instance, there should be 10 states plus a Federal Capital state (Capital and seat of Government).
All governors and government delegates to all the 10 states should be voted by the people in that state. That way, disgruntled Ewondo patriarchs would be able to exercise power locally and solve their problems within the law. We often think that Betis are a homogenous group and they are all happy. This is not true. They complain bitterly against each other. Ministers and directors look after their families.
They do not share money to all the Betis. So any system that is true and just and allows them to be part of governance where they can impose and ask for accountability and also replace corrupt local government managers would be welcome.
Francophones also believe that Anglophones would help them to see the light, breathe fresh air and also grow. Those of them who are bilingual would also like to benefit from decentralization.
We have all agreed that English has not been given her right place in this nation. Many Anglophones should be recruited into the University (HTTC) and trained as teachers of English. They are not even enough for Anglophone schools. Imagine how many have to be trained to fill all the Anglophone schools and all the francophone schools all over the national territory in primary and secondary schools. This will create a huge job market for Anglophones. Many more Anglophones should be admitted into HTTTC to train and make up for the deficiencies in teachers of science and technology.
H.E. President Paul Biya has encouraged digitalization of the administration and the improvement of digital economy in Cameroon. You know that English is the Language of the digital world. I will encourage all Cameroonians to learn American English. This will help the whole nation to grow.
The idea of the education council is good and should be implemented immediately. Two would be created; one for Anglophone federal states and another for francophone federal states. If a Francophone has technical skills and does not know English, he should first of all do a six month English training followed by a proficiency evaluation at the linguistic center to get this right.
As I had said before, there should be only one school system. There should be nothing like technical or grammar schools. All students are exposed to all subjects including agriculture and animal husbandry. After the fifth year, they can start to specialize and sort out themselves as they grow. The senate is not cost effective. All the money wasted on running the senate should be used to buy technical and agricultural equipment for our secondary schools. This is more useful. The National Assembly has enough brains to make good laws. Senate is a waste of resources.
The whole idea is to make the Francophones who are sitting on the fence realize that their own problems would also be solved when they understand and accept decentralization/federalism as a workable concept.
To add the icing on the cake, The University of Buea and Bamenda should be run according to the Anglo-Saxon principles for running such institutions. As for ‘concours’ in the nation; Anglophones from the North West and South West Region must have a minimum of 25% of the spots reserved for them. It also makes sense in appointments in government at all levels takes care of this ratio and also introduce mechanisms for power balance at the helm.
The bottom line is that Anglophones are not beggars and should just be treated fairly. They are not asking for something other than fairness in these matters. Bilingualism should be for real and not lip service as we see it now. I remember Hon Cyprian Awudu Mbaya had to get into a rage and tear down the sign boards at Ayaba Hotel written only in French to get the managers of Ayaba and that Ministry to think that they needed to put up signs in English as well in the year 2015. This does not speak well and shows bad faith.
*TAXES AND STATE BUDGET* The national budget is partitioned into two big groups. A) Money set aside for the Federal capital state for running the federal government, the army, and national programs. B) Money that is shared into 10 lots and sent to each federal state to be managed by the local federal government to cover running costs and development. This should be a function of the true population statistics and the amount they contribute to the national budget by way of taxes and income.
When taxes are collected from major income sources, a fixed percentage MUST be paid to the local government that generates it and the rest sent to the Federal Capital State. Local governments would have the ability to hire and fire based on output.
This is another serious issue that can be solved easily. The umbrella lawyers’ association as it is now should be left in place as a mother association. Under this structure, the Anglophone Common Lawyer Association should be created as well as the Francophone Lawyers’ Council. This gives Anglophone lawyers an opportunity to also work in the other 8 regions/federal states in the nation. This provides a big market for them. That way, they are not limited to two Regions. The Law school that teaches common law should be created and the Anglophone section in ENAM created to teach student magistrates in Common Law. These are simple and easy things to do.
All official documents in the nation including the OHADA Law must be in English and French. I do not see any difficulty with implementing this. The administration in Cameroon should sit up and solve problems in time. We should not leave things to blow out of proportion because of neglect. Meaningful dialogue is a great tool everywhere and at all times in all circumstances. It needs love, humility and truth to get it to work.
We have only one country. There are hawks looking for ways to cause problems in Cameroon. They will come to fight on our behalf and steal our country. We shall all become beggars and refugees if we do not act wisely. Let us avoid conflict at all cost by doing what is right now. By so doing, we close the door to outside forces that looking forward to stealing our resources. Peace, security and stability are all we want. Let us do all in our power to have and maintain it. Boko Haram has not been a welcome experience. Might is not always right. Love conquers all. Greed kills and supervises the burial.
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