Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Open Letter from the Diasporas to Parliamentarians of English Speaking Descent

Dear Honorable Parliamentarians,
In many developing nations and developed nations, people come together as groups to defend, or request, or better still legislate common interests.  There comes a time in a people's history whereby certain commonalities are borne out of an absolute need and not out of wants.  Minority groups in most developed nations, which are advanced societies are taken care of by laws which the governments enact to help serve their people and protect the interests of the minorities.  Such is the case with persons who have been elected to serve their people.
In the United States of America, for example, per the 2000 Census figures, out of a total population of 280,000,000 Blacks were number at 34,500,000 about 12.3% of the population.  In the people's  House of Representatives, Congress, there does exist a Congressional Black Caucus formed in 1971 with 13 members only, to defend and protect the rights of the minority Blacks through legislation.  The Congressional Black Caucus exist  across party lines. Please visit this site to learn more:
In Cameroon out of a total population of 16,000,000 English Speaking Cameroonians number at anywhere around 4,500,000 about 28% of the population and obviously with oil producing more than 15% of the Gross National Product.  The case of Cameroonis very peculiar because those of English Speaking Extraction come from a distinct society, with derelict buildings at Buea, similar to what was the case in Scotland. It is therefore imperative that parliamentarians of English Speaking descent from all parties, CPDM, CDU, SDF, UNDP, MDR etc.. come together and form what will be known as (you pick a name):
  • Anglophone Parliamentary Alliance - APA
  • Anglophone Parliamentary Block - APB
  • Anglophone Parliamentary Caucus - APC
  • Anglophone Parliamentary Group - APG
Dear Parliamentarians, your continuous presence in the Cameroon House of Assembly in Ngoa-Ekele for the last 35 years, is proof of your patriotism.  Let no one, no doubting Thomas or extremist question a single iota of your patriotism.  It is largely unnecessary.
Do not be driven or controlled by right-wingers or left-wingers who have little to offer but destroy our beloved Cameroon nation.  These right wing people have made it look taboo when the word Anglophone is mentioned, and it looks like anathema to them.  The leftists on their part, are dreaming of a republic they'd like to restore.  Let them rightists and leftists understand and be schooled in democracy.  You need to take this bold step out of necessity to legislate and defend your collective interests whilst standing together,
resolutely as one nation Cameroon with a single star.
Reach across the aisle Anglophone Parliamentarians.  All of you to include your brothers and sisters in CPDM, SDF, CDU, UNDP etc..  Parliamentarians who are not of English Speaking Descent are obviously to be excluded from this group of parliamentarians from a distinct society.
To God Be The Glory.
Blessed Be Cameroon
Pa Fru Ndeh
 Washington D.C.

* This letter was written on September 25, 2007

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