Monday, November 21, 2016

Prophet TB Joshua Gives Fresh Details Why His US Election Prediction Failed

Popular Nigerian pastor, T.B Joshua has said thousands of people who prayed on Donald Trump's behalf forced the prophecy to be reversed.
Prophet T.B Joshua
Prophet T.B Joshua, founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) has given new insight why his prophecy that Hillary Clinton would become the next president of the United States failed.
He gave the new reason on Sunday in front of his congregation members.
The clergy man who came under severe criticism following the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential election as people attacked him for 'giving a false prophecy', said fervent prayers and the number of people who begged God to change his heart, reversef the prophecy to favour Trump.
According to NewTelegraph, Joshua cited biblical reference where prayer altered a prophecy, and likened Trump shock victory to the prophecy of Jonah to the people of Nineveh which said that God would destroy Nineveh within 40 days; but was eventually averted because the inhabitants of the city offered fervent prayers to God.
He went further to present many emails which he said he received from some Americans confirming that his prophecy on the election spurred them to intense prayers and which God eventually granted. His words: “Thousands of people that heard my prophecy prayed to God, they fasted and prayed that God should change the prophecy.

That a prophecy is disclosed and it did not come to pass does not mean that it is not authentic.” The author of one of the mails which was read out to the congregation during the service commended Joshua saying: “Your word came and challenged us to pray.

"It was like the prophecy of Jonah when God told him that he would destroy the people of Nineveh. Thank you prophet, your word saved America, it was a warning, like the prophecy of Jonah when the people prayed, and God changed His mind.

Prophet, God hears your prayer. We prayed and fasted.” Confirming the power of prayer in prophetic utterances, Joshua said, “They know my antecedent that what I say always come to pass.

"As a result, they went to God in prayer. This is the power of prayer; it is not a crime to tell you. If you have doubt, look at the track record of the person that is talking. I said that the boat will be rocked, and there will be challenges. What else do you need? Let’s believe in the power of prayer. He added: “We have seen the outcome of the election in America. You will notice that it is all about the popular vote, the vote of the majority of Americans. In this case, we need the spirit of a prophet to recognize or to know a prophet.

Our levels are different. We are not on the same level. We might have great cathedrals, huge bells and all kinds of activities that are good by human standards; but human point of view is limited."

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