Friday, November 11, 2016

Security Forces Clash with Common Law Lawyers in Buea

Security forces in Buea are reported to have fired teargas, gunshots and brutalized Common Law Lawyers who were protesting against the absence of the rule of law, bad governance, Anglophone marginalization, injustice and lack of freedom. Reports say the lawyers who staged the peaceful march were blocked by security forces from entering court premises. Their wigs and gowns were seized and in the tussle some of them sustained injuries.
Barr. Bobga Harmony, President of NOWELA who was in Buea said the security forces launched a manhunt for lawyers to the point that they ransacked hotels in Buea town and environs to fish out protesters. And the police used tear gas to disperse them. Public opinion is aghast that lawyers should not be treated that way when the protest march was "peaceful". Many have frowned and regretted on the fact that security forces fired gunshots and teargas against them, as if the protesters were criminals. "We are not armed. We have only our placards," a lawyer was heard shouting out at the military.
It should be noted that Common Law Lawyers started by protesting against the non-existence an English version of "uniform acts" of the OHADA (OHADA), and other legislation

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