Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tension Mounts in Boyo, Donga Mantung, Bui Division Over Distribution of LIFIDEP Infrastrutcural Projects

An atmosphere of anger and dissatisfaction is reported in Boyo, Bui and Donga Mantung Divisions over the violation of projects distribution appraisal procedure by some North West elites living in Yaounde with aims to divert major projects allocated by the Livestock and Fisheries Development Project-LIFIDEP to their localities. Sources say while LIFIDEP established the criteria for the selection of localities to benefit from the social infrastructural development based on the project appraisal document, the Yaounde based elites have vowed that they must be the ones to select beneficiary communities. According to the hinted that previously selected projects sites in Boyo, Bui and Donga Mantung may register some setbacks due to political influence from Yaounde. Oku, Misaje and Belo are said to gotten the lion share of the projects to the detriment of other localities.
Matters reportedly came to a head last weekend when the fon of Mbissa and Akweto stormed LIFIDEP office to express their frustration over the obnoxious role played by the Yaounde elites to deprive their communities from benefiting. The two fons who were accompanied by their subjects questioned whether their villages have not been voting for the CPDM. Before leaving Bamenda, the fons threatened that they are waiting for the so-called Yaounde elites to come to them for votes. The Eye is aware that there are plans in progress to displace the construction of two prominent cattle markets to localities selected by the Yaounde elites. It is aired that the fons also threatened that their subjects will stone them out whenever they come begging for votes again.
It is even alleged that though the Project Appraisal document states clearly that all social infrastructural projects of the Livestock and Fisheries Development Project should target Fulanis and grazers as well as sheep and poultry farmers, the said Yaounde elites have been pressurizing LIFIDEP to divert the construction of two prominent cattle markets in the region to their localities. The construction of the Takijah and Binka cattle markets may suffer from the pangs of these political elites. It is feared that with the political influence in the distribution of the projects that do not respect the laid down procedure and criteria, LIFIDEP is likely going to run into serious problems with the project funder, the Islamic Bank. A classified source hinted that LIFIDEP after a stormy meeting with the fons decided to redistribute some of the projects against the Yaounde elites wish.  

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