Thursday, November 17, 2016

What Nigerian Police Revealed About the 7-year-old Boy Burnt to Death for Stealing Garri will Shock You

The police has added a new twist to the story of the alleged little boy killed in Lagos State for allegedly trying to steal garri.
The alleged thief burnt to death in Lagos
A new report has emerged about the alleged 7-year-old boy who was beaten and burnt to death for attempting to steal garri in Lagos.
 According to new information by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Complaint Response Unit, Abayomi Shogunle, it has been revealed that the so-called thief was not a boy but a man who might be a member of a gang of armed robbers that terrorized residents of Orile area of Lagos. The body has now been deposited at the mortuary while investigation into the matter continues.
 However, a resident of the area who witnessed the whole incident has revealed more interesting details. The unnamed resident wrote: "That boy is part of a gang; they collect valuables from people and if you don't comply they stab you. It has nothing to do with garri. I'm not justifying jungle justice, just stating facts. He's not 7. He's 20 apparently. They killed someone like a month ago, he refused to drop his phone."

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