Thursday, November 10, 2016

Will Donald Trump Ban All Muslims from the US?

As the debate on whether or not America's president elect, Donald Trump will evict Muslims from the US lingers, a new development has emerged about the matter.

Donald Trump
Will Donald Trump ban Muslims from the US? New developments have shown that it may not be as the world expected.
Donald Trump’s team has caused a stir after they removed the statement on his website to ban all Muslims from the US.
On the same night that millions of votes were pouring in for the real estate mogul turned politician, the page linking to his December statement regarding a temporary and complete Muslim has been removed.
The page now redirects to his a page encouraging voters to donate to his campaign.
The page was available on the morning of the election on 8 November, according to online caches. But the redirected was added later the same night.
Caches like the Wayback Machine work by crawling websites intermittently and making a copy of what it finds there. As such, it's not possible to say exactly what time the redirect was added, but only that the change had been made between those two times it was crawled.
Mr Trump was widely condemned for his call shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 to temporarily ban all Muslims until he figured out "what the hell was going on".
Mr Trump and his allies have consistently defended the ban, insisting the measure was about Americans’ "safety" and not about discriminating against religion. Videos and speeches defending the ban remain on the Trump campaign website.
According to The Telegraph, the Trump campaign could not be immediately contacted.
It is not the first time the Trump team has scrubbed pages from its websites.
After speculation rose that Melania Trump did not not complete her university degree, her biography page was taken down and started to redirect to Mr Trump’s golf course.
It will be recaleld that Mr Trump won the presidential election on 8 November with 279 electoral votes.

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