Thursday, December 1, 2016

Above Fru Ndi's 4 States Federation: Teche Nyamusa Gives own Options

 In the aftermath of November 2016 “Anglophone” lawyers and teachers strike, my party the SDF Monday November 28, 2016 at a rally in Bamenda re-echoed her long stated four states federation for Cameroon. The emphasis was laid by SDF senators, MPs, mayors and Chairman John Fru Ndi.
This manifesto which Fru Ndi has used as he stands for the Cameroon Presidency since 1992 till date has been a failure and is dubious for “Anglophones”. Nyamusa for 2018 presidency bid on the SDF ticket is all for a two equal status federal Cameroon. I, Felix Teche Nyamusa, am very convinced that Cameroonians will accept my explanation to go back to the proposed two equal status federal Cameroon of the dreams of President Ahmadou Ahidjo and Premier John Ngu Foncha. Fru Ndi is not ingenious and industrious enough to make Cameroonians see the natural rationale and harmlessness cum sustainability of the two states federation of Cameroon. The Nyamusa campaign has extensively communed with Cameroonians and is very certain that the country will be unanimous in its acceptance after due explanations. Thus amidst the common law lawyers, teachers of the English Sub system of education in Cameroon strike, the difference in our visions(Nyamusa’s and Fru Ndi’s) were further illuminated.
Permit us explain the words “Anglophone, Francophone” in the Cameroon context. An Anglophone Cameroonian is used here to be a citizen of Cameroon whose ancestry is from Northwest or Southwest regions. While a francophone is one originating from any of the remaining eight French speaking regions of the country. In 55 years, only two presidents have ruled the country (Ahmadou Ahidjo and incumbent Paul Biya) all of them francophone. Ministerial positions, directors and other high civil service positions are to a great extend not proportionally shared, between the two legal components of the country - defense, finance, territorial administration… ministries are considered a no-go area for Anglophones.
The common law practised by the Anglo-Saxon part of the country, the Anglo-Saxon education system are being increasingly adulterated by the French legal and education systems reasons for which the lawyers and teachers of the Anglophone set up are on strike. Lack of all-seasons transportation roads, lack of industries, unbalanced development ….Anglophones now see themselves as captured people and are decided not to continue under such systems. Concerned educated elite of the English expression quite aware of the right to self determination and are going for total independence from the union with La Republique du Cameroun. She (Anglophones) even question the legality of such union. Thus any other illogical arrangement apart of the two equal status federal agreement will infuriate the Anglophones who the Nyamusa for 2018 Cameroon president campaign had been persuading. Further belittling the anglophone by likening them to some portions of La Republique , heightens their self determination bid for independence. Hence the lack of vision and ripe judgment for a united prosperous Cameroon by the Fru Ndi leadership of our rallying grass roots party S.D.F.
The irony here is that despite the capital-toying with the Anglophones as a nation, the Biya CPDM regime also fails in giving the right development to La Republique du Cameroun. Francophone grievances include the C.P.D.M former (C.N.U) subjugation of U.P.C - the first pan Cameroon advocating party; the ill-treatment and suspicion of the northerners.
Hence the shabby treatment of the remains of pioneer head of state Ahmadou Ahidjo which remains are never permitted by the C.P.D.M regime to be brought from the Diaspora for befitting burial in Cameroon, talkless of grudges against the Biya /C.P.D.M regime money launder tradition!
My vision for Cameroon where the local or official language of each citizen can never be a barrier for progress; a vision where belonging to a minority or majority group, sex, religion…can never inhibit any Cameroonian from achieving his or her full potentials is intact .I/we will realize this through good governance application of due process of law and other democracy practices which I am ready to implement. We will create a constitution where any leader that torches on the unity foundation of Cameroon will be impeached!
For a people to progress in integrity there must be the exercise and fulfillment of agreements and truth. Contemporary Cameroon (our country) is made up of two former United Nations’ groomed states – former British Southern Cameroons and former French la Republique du Cameroon. These two in 1961 agreed to come together as two equal status federal states. But since after that 1961 agreement, one part (former British Cameroons) has been colonized by the other, more populated La Republique du Cameroon till date 55years after. The name the united country was expected to bear is Federal United Cameroon Republic but today, the country “Has Metamorphosed” bearing other names in the process till she has returned to La Republic du Cameroon, the name of former French Cameroons.
With equity, transparency, logical democratic governance, I, Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 presidential hopeful (pending primaries) wishes we return to “Federal Democratic United Cameroon Republic” of two equal status states which is bilingual, bicultural and bijural. We therefore have a duty to convince “SCNC” an organization speaking on behalf of former British Southern Cameroons not to break away from the union for henceforth good governance, due process, transparent and rationale in all decisions taken, independent electoral commission …reminiscent of democracies like Canada’s, Switzerland’s, USA’S … with succeeding federal arrangements. This proposed setting will not harm anyone Anglophone or Francophone Cameroonian. In fact details of this Cameroon deeply reflected progress endeavor are contained in my manifesto for the 2018 presidential proposal found in the book “Effective Democratic succession in Cameroon”. The Ideology Neighbourhood/works of Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 Presidential hopeful (pending primaries) which book is now available in bookshops in Cameroon.
May God guide SDF, Cameroon. 

By Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 Presidential Hopeful (pending primaries)

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