Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bongom Village Cultural Fiesta 2016: Youths Applaud Abdu Bemsi for Sponsorship

Abdu Bemsi
 There was euphoria and fanfare in Bongom village on December 27 and 28 respectively. This year's cultural fiesta pull thousands as gathered at the community hall to express themselves in songs, dance, speeches and to portray their cultural values. The most interesting aspect was the football tournament (male and female) which was sponsored by Fon Abdu Bemsi. It is worth mentioning that Bemsi disbursed over FCFA 1 million to ensure that every aspect of the cultural festivities were well planned. Speaking at the cultural week, HRH Fon Nformi Nfor of Bongom expressed gratitude to the lone sponsor for his laudable initiatives for foster the development of the village. Fon Nformi Nfor also used the opportunity to call on Bongom elite(s) to emulate the good example of Abdu Bemsi who as distinguished self as  a development luminary. He called on the population to live in peace, harmony and should be united in their efforts to develop the village. From Njang, Toh, and other royal dances, those who could not express themselves in speeches did it in songs and dance. By 3 pm, the sound of the drums and gong echoed on the level lands of River Mbiih, up to the hills of Njap, Chup and down to Kiih ( the land of the ancestors). Euphoria reached at it peak when the female finals was announced. The Ngwagus (married women) clashed with the young girls as hundreds gathered to cheer up their respective teams. 
At the end of the day, the Ngwagus lost to young girls (unmarried) by one goal to zero. It should be recalled that the male and female tournament was sponsored to the tune of over FCFA 500.000 excluding FCFA 300.000 earlier disbursed by the sponsor to enable the teams prepare for the finals. 
Youths of Bongom through Chifu Bungong lauded Abdu Bemsi for his laudable initiative to promote young talents and culture. To, Chifu Bungong, Bemsi is a development luminary whose efforts are appreciated by every one. 
(UP NEXT: Esctacy at Abdu Bemsi Male Football Finals 2016)

HRH Fon Nformi Nfor of Bnongom elated

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