Monday, December 5, 2016

Fru Ndi Addresses over 10.000 Man-Crowd in Buea #PhotoNews

 The chairman of the SDF Ni John Fru Ndi has called for the immediate release of students of the University of Buea still in detention. SDF chieftain made the clarion call today at Molyko (Buea) while addressing the population. Flanked by SDF MPs, Senators at the rally Fru Ndi also denounced the brutality orchestrated in students by police, Gendarmes and soldiers.  Fru Ndi said that the Biya regime is responsible for all the injustice and marginalization of Anglophones. He called on Government to engage in a meaningful dialogue with Common Law Lawyers and Teachers. He concluded that the SDF is in support of them.
 Sources say though tugs were hired to disrupt the rally, the senators and MPs successfully stage a peaceful march to the Governor's office.While at the Governor's office, the MPs and Senators flanked by their national chairman called for the immediate release of the six students still in detention.  (PhotoNews)

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