Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hilarious: Fanfare at Binka Palace as Hon. Awudu Led Delegations Pay Homage to Departed Hero, Heroine

 "Tantoh Binka" Hon. Awudu Mbaya on December 30, paid his last respect to the departed heroine and hero (rulers) of the Binka people in Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region. In the Mbum tradition, a traditional ruler never dies, he or she disappears. On December 30, it was Hon. Awudu own reception at  day at the Bfu Bfu celebrations in Binka. His own reception was different and extraordinary given that he is a senior Tantoh of Binka palace since 1997. Masquerades displayed, singing, dancing and gun firing was the order of the event which was strictly in line with the Wimbum tradition. 
Worthy to note that on the day of the official opening of the funeral celebration, Hon. Awudu Mbaya was present to pay own homage to Ma Yaah Ntobo and the late fon who was also inseminated per the the Wimbum customs and tradition. 
It should be noted that the funeral celebration also gave the King of Binka, HRM King Benchep Adamu, traditional council as well as village development association the opportunity to review and eradicate some obnoxious traditional practices that have been dehumanizing and or have stood as hindrances to development. During the official opening of the funeral celebration the fon announced that instead of 21 days that people usually stay home to celebrate the departure of a Queen Mother or Fon, the number of days have been reduced to 10. He also said that in the past women used to move bear bodies, but now, women will have to wear their dresses and both the men and women will only stay without caps for three days. On the number of country Sundays, (days people dont work) he said they have been harmonized. From four country Sundays, only one day is reserved as country Sunday. He explained that these days have been hindering development of the village given that each week, the population spend close to four days or five out of seven at home. Hon. Awudu Mbaya applauded the people of Binka for the wise decision. He said those practices that are so harsh should be redressed. He recalled how his first micro project grant was used for the construction of the Binka Palace Green House, beside many other initiatives as was testified by the fon.

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