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Looking Glass: What You Need to Know About Rev. Titatang Kingsley

Rev. Titatang Kingsley

Indian philosopher, PR Sarkar, developed a new science of society that was neither solely past-oriented nor present oriented. Sarkar’s goal was to embark on a balanced institutional art whereby silenced voices are given room to be heard and out of sight structures given the opening to be known. That theory brought to limelight those who have been doing great things silently. The unsung heroes and or silence achievers are people who think and act for the betterment of society. They are the good grains of the future on which society can rely on in order to face the numerous emerging challenges. History, they say is sprinkled with the legacies of the few unique and courageous individuals. In the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, one of such personalities who has stood tall in the madding crowd as great preachers is Rev. Titatang Kingsley. The first time I met him in Nkambe, a friend of mine described him “the smiling preacher,” and what I observed was that he with intent avoids using antagonism which could mean any challenge, from an intense crisis of faith to mere self-doubt. Listening to Rev. Titatang is like returning to the good old gospel that truly gives life to the dead and sets men and women free. Like Paul of old, every truly evangelical pulpit must sound out the clear message of “repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:21).
So, at this Christmas when we are celebrating the birth of Christ with a religious bent, we have decided to dedicate time and space to talk about Rev. Titatang Kingsley. He is the Parish pastor of PCC Bonadikombo (Limbe) in the South West Region of Cameroon. Rv. Titatang Kingsley is actually going into history books as a role model. Aristotle, the greatest philosopher who introduced the concept of role models in society once argued that human race without exceptional characters is like a ship without a captain. There is no doubt that Aristotle was talking of people with exceptional characters like Rev. Titatang Kingsley.
From the pulpit to development ventures and humanitarian gestures, Titatang has shown that he is an amazing character, embodied with an unalloyed modesty, vigor and bouncing enthusiasm to produce results. Everywhere he served as a pastor, he has left an indelible mark of greatness. He started his pastoral work in 1998 at Bessi and moved to Adamawa before the Grand North (2005 to 2006), where Rev. Titatang Kingsley is remembered as true preacher. He is also remembered as the person who fought for the creation of the West/Bali Presbyteries. Besides, he was the pioneer Presbytery Secretary of West Bali from November 2009-June 2010 before transferred to Donga Mantung where he served in the same capacity from 2010 to 2014. In 2015, Reverend Titatang was moved to Bui as Presbytery Secretary and acting Manager of PYC Kumbo (July 2015-December 2015). On January 4, 2016 he was again transferred as Pastor of Bujong in Mezam (January 2016-June 2016) before being transferred to PCC Bonadikombo in Limbe as Parish Pastor. It should be recalled that after bachelor’s degree, he also served as the Chaplain of the Acha Health Complex and also served as Parish pastor in four different parishes.  

God’s in our day is placed in a social and cultural context which renders it more difficult to understand and yet more urgent and irreplaceable for promoting the true good of men and women.
Scientific and technical progress, which contemporary man is continually expanding in his dominion over nature, not only offers the hope of creating a new and better humanity, but also causes ever greater anxiety regarding the future. The Bible says in God and also to love our neighbors with all your heart, soul, mind and strength involves community development at some level. That is why Rev. Titatang is common described by many as a development luminary. To know Rev. Titatang is to know a development luminary. In Donga Mantung Division, for example, he and Sir Ken Martin Atanga initiated the CMF which today has beaten records. He constructed classrooms, followed giant projects like the Kindfu PCC church building, Manse in Kuma Talla, the Mbembe PCC, and restored the Konstanz/Donga partnership. The construction of a water tank at Presbyterian Health Centre in Nkambe was during that period. While in Garoua, Rev. Titatang rescued a 38m high church and acquired land for the construction of the church at Poli. He also built a 400 capacity Sunday school at PCC Mora which has now been transformed into a primary school. In fact these are just a score of his realizations in a basketful of several projects. Besides, he taught as teacher in several educational institutions ranging from Primary to secondary and University both private, denominational and government owned. (GBHS, PHS Nkambe, University of Ngoundere etc). Sometimes ago, he told us in Nkambe that “Why should I not thank my God for using me realize over 20 projects in his vineyard” His dream is to one day get funding to continue his Ecumenical insights and advocacy for peace/peace building. Many orphans have benefited from his largess in Donga Mantung Division some of whom are teachers today.
His work as caught public admiration to the point that he was in 2014 honoured by the Binka Fon with the prestigious title of “Ta Nformi” and that sam year, readers of The Eye Newspaper nominated and voted him as The Inspirational Preacher of The Year”.

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