Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mola Njoh Litumbe: LIKE A SPARTAN says Ayah Paul

Njoh Litumbe
The teething puzzle about Mola Njoh Litumbe is his physical alertness in his nineties. Smarter than persons ten years younger, his physiognomy much more, this “simple accountant”, (using his own very words), submits in legal jargon very like the twin brother of Lord Denning of the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords. Few doubt he coined the phrase “jumba marriage” to depict the de facto relationship between the Republic of Cameroun and Southern Cameroons. This “come we stay”, he succinctly explains, fails to amount to marriage (union) for want of consummation or even a marriage certificate.

A man who has nothing to gain or lose, some typical Camerounese whose Cameroun is now and now only would simply sit back at that age and enjoy the fruits of his many years of drudgery. But NO! He is on television, on radio, on newspapers, on foot, at the United Nations, in Nigeria – just everywhere – at his expense: in terms of time, energy, the use of the intellect and money… All this for a cause that is not his – the general cause – indefatigably, consistently! A workaholic slave to doing good! Doing good in defiance of adverse consequences – at his own risks and perils! Holding out till the end as the Bible prescribes! Very like “the Spartan that dies but never surrenders “!
A venerable patriarch difficult to find on the social media, Mola is a model – unique as to age, unbreakable resolve, and altruism. A hero that humility has distanced from self-praise, apprehension and corruption! A man of enviable integrity holding high the torch for us all to see the way to follow!
YES! Njoh Litumbe is a hero, a model and a sage! He deserves our acknowledgement!

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