Thursday, December 8, 2016

NCC Bans 03 Media Organs, Slams Severe Sanctions on 16 Others

Peter Esoka: NCC President
Sharks play a very important role in the oceans in a way that an average fish does not. This is so because sharks are at the top of the food chain in virtually every part of every ocean. In the Cameroon media landscape that role is bestowed on the National Communication Council-NCC which plays the role of media watchdog. Like the shark, NCC may not have been selective on who to prey on very efficiently. Though the shark uses intimidation to regulate the behavior of prey species, and prevent them from overgrazing vital habitats, NCC depends on sanctions to normalize the media in Cameroon. Yet expressionists have expressed fears that NCC may turn out to be a menace to Press freedom.   The National Council of Communication on Tuesday slammed  severe sanctions on 16 media organs. Also affected are some journalists who were sanctioned for alleged “unsubstantiated publications, offensive and insinuating statements.
The most severe sanctions were slammed on three French language Newspapers, Aurore, Aurore Plus and Dépêche du Cameroun and their promoters Michel Michaut Moussala and Gilbert Avang respectively who were accused of alleged “repeated publication of unfounded allegations.  
It should be noted that for the first time, NCC warned one of its member in the person of the editor of the weekly Kalara, Christophe Bobiokono. Besides,
In the same vein, and unprecedentedly, the state media outfit (CRTV) received a warning while one of its journalists Marie Irene Ndzana Fouda was slammed a month suspension for violating professional ethics. Over 16 journalists and media outfits were affected. One English Language Newspaper was affected. Cameroon Herald newspaper was slammed with a six month suspension, alongside its Publisher, Kingsley Ako. Also suspended for a period of six months are French language newspapers; Le Soir and publisher Mr Armand Mbianda, La Scene and publisher Mr Christian Emok, L’Epervier and publisher Mr Clovis Leopold Noudjio 

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