Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nkambe Council Budget Drops Drastically

Nkambe Council Council Budget Drops Drastically. Councilors of the Nkambe Council have adopted a budget of FCFA 659,727,700 for 2017 as compared to the FCFA 865,023,000 adopted for 2015. Though the witnessed a drop, Mayor Ngabir Paul Bantar revealed that the Council intends to increase the staff strength from about 63 to 100 next year. Councilors expressed their disgust over several issues such as the nonpayment of social insurance dues, seasonal workers and the inconsistency in revenue collected locally. Councilor Mohamadou Bawe said though the mayor has constantly dribbled the councilors, it is clear that things are not moving towards the right direction. He likened the mayor's ways to clarify pertinent issues to councilors to the football dribbles of Diego Maradona. He noted with dissatisfaction the fact that all efforts deployed by councilors to increase local revenue have not yielded enough fruits reasons why the budget has registered a drastic drop. On the available potential, Musa Shey Nfor debunked a statement that Nkambe potential stands at about FCFA 12 million. He unleashed that there are three markets in the municipality, he said that the Finance Committee investigated and got the statistics of the number of drinking spots in the municipality, the number cows which have moved from 16, 000 to 20.000 and that FCFA 12 million was very insignificant. On his part, Chifu David questioned whether it was proper for the council to pay staff and not pay their social insurance dues. Another problem was the nonpayment of seasonal workers recruited to work on rural roads. Councilors were disappointed that though the money was disbursed in form of credit card, the 10 seasonal workers have gone for 3 months without salary.
 It should be recalled that councilors also opted that some staffs who received undue salaries will payback the money to the council. The amount is estimated at about 16 million FCFA. Donga Mantung SDO in his closing remarks said that the staff concerned should pay the money. Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard also warned against the issuance of fake birth certificates in the municipality. He congratulated the councilors for their maturity in analyzing the budget. 

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