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Pastor Orders Unmarried Youths To Choose Each Other for Marriage During Church Service

A Nigerian pastor left his congregation amazed after he forcefully ordered the unmaried members to choose their partners from those present in church.

Founder and General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin
The Founder and General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has left many peope in serious shock after he ordered single men and women to the altar to start choosing whoever they like for marriage.
The incident happened in Warri, Delta state. During a prophetic service, the man of God reportedly summoned a lady and asked if she was married.
The lady replied no, and the pastor asked her when she likes to get married. The clergyman then ordered her to choose any man she likes in the auditorium.
 The woman is then seen searching through the congregation to see a man of her choice. After the fruitless effort by the lady, the man of God concluded that there was a demonic mark upon her preventing her prospective husband from locating her.
 The pastor asked the lady: “Chop and go. How many men don chop you?” 
"Things took another dramatic turn as the pastor summoned all single men to file out and spinsters to line up behind the men of their choice.
“If anybody wants to marry anyone here come and touch the person - any person you like.
“We cannot allow women to be like this forever. I want to marry for these people.
“Look at your back. I give you people from now till month ending to screen your wives. Nobody should go and meet for night o,” the man of God said.
Pastor Fufeyin promised to sponsor the mass wedding of the would-be couples.

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Actress-turned Pastor, Unleashes Attack on Church Pastors, General Overseers

Popular actress, Eucharia Anunobi is spitting fire on her Instagram as she blasts church pastors and general overseers whom she says treat their younger pastors unfairly.

Actress Eucharia Anunobi
Veteran Nollywood actress-turned-evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi, has taken to her Instagram and fired hot shots at top Nigerian church pastors and general overseers whom she says treat their younger pastors unfairly.
“This thing of sending an assistant pastor to start a new branch WITHOUT any financial assistance, asking them to go and ‘prove’ their ministry looks like wickedness in religious robe,” she wrote in her post, though she didn’t mention any names.
The former actress, went further to slam the 'Daddy GOs' who sit back and lick the sweat off the backs of younger pastors; those she says are sent out to grow their ministry without any financial support.
 She wrote,  “This is wickedness. It is your ministry, your responsibility, your vision and you should also be part of the provision. Let’s be real and truthful to ourselves. Let our conscience judge this thing.” 
Here is her Instagram post in full;

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Sierra Leone Football Team Stranded in Guinea

The Sierra-leonean national team was left stranded at the airport after the players reportedly missed their flight with no back-up plan for hotel reservation.
Some of the players sleeping on the barefloor of the airport
Here are photos of a  Sierra Leonian football team sleeping on the floor at an Airport in Conakry, Guinea after missing their flight to Senegal.
 The team travelled by road to Conakry, Guinea and had some delays according to reports.
 Social media users have lamented the lack of accommodation which forced the footballers to pass the night at the corridors of the airport on the bare floor living them exposed to discomfort.
See more photos:

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Here are Qualities of Men Who Are Most Likely to Cheat

Every woman interested in not having her heartbroken must take a look at these interesting list of men who are likely to cheat.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
Being cheated on is never fun, it’s a fact of life. Fortunately, because it’s been happening since the dawn of humanity, we’re getting pretty good at identifying cheaters.
Here’s a roundup of research that has looked into which types of men are the most likely to cheat on their partners.
Tall men
A 2014 study by Illicit Encounters found that taller men are more likely to cheat. Men who are over 5ft 10, in fact, were found to be twice as likely to cheat than someone under that height. Why? Apparently because they have more confidence, stemming from the fact they know a lot of women prefer taller men.
Men aged 29, 39, 49 and so on…
A study in 2015 by Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences found that people “search for meaning” when they’re approaching a new decade of their lives. This, apparently, includes having an affair.
Men who play team sports
Recent research suggests men who play team sports are most likely to use that as a cover-up when they’re cheating. Rugby players were found to be the worst culprits.
Men who work in finance
Bankers and brokers are most likely to be unfaithful, according to a poll by dating website Victoria Milan of more than 5,000 women. The women were all cheating on their partner, so the research was based on women only – but still, it’s something to bear in mind.
Men with facial hair
A survey by the Eva video social network surveyed men and found that those with facial hair are more likely to cheat (as well as steal).
Tattooed men
Men with tattoos are more likely to be unfaithful, according to another study by Victoria Milan. They asked more than three million men across 15 countries, and found that those with more ink are more likely to stray.

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USA: President Donald Trump's Spokesman Resigns

The spokesman for U.S. President, Donald Trump's personal legal team who is defending him in an inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, has resigned.

President Trump

Amid reports of a shake-up at the White House over the Russia investigation, The spokesman for US President, Donald Trump's legal team has resigned.
 According to BBC, Mark Corallo was a spokesman for Marc Kasowitz, who is defending Mr Trump in an inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in last year's election.
Reports said that Mr Corallo disagreed with the alleged strategy of Mr Trump's lawyers to discredit or limit the team directing the investigation.
He confirmed his resignation on Friday, and gave no further details about his decision to resign in his emailed statement.
However, a report published on the Politico website says that Mr Corallo is close to Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the Russia investigation, and has previously praised him publicly.
Mr Corallo had grown frustrated with the operation of the legal team and the warring factions and lawyers, the report adds.
Mr Kasowitz, the New York lawyer who has represented Mr Trump's interests for more than a decade, will also see his role reduce, according to a CNN report, which cites sources with knowledge on the matter.
Instead, the report adds, defence attorney John Dowd and Jay Sekulow will now be Mr Trump's primary personal attorneys for the investigation. 
Mr Mueller has hired big names to join his team, which is also investigating whether there was any collusion with the Trump team, which both Russia and Mr Trump have denied.
The New York Times reported that Mr Trump's team was looking to discredit the investigation led by Mr Mueller, analysing the background of the lawyers hired by him in search of any possible conflicts of interest.
Meanwhile, the Washington Post said that the president's lawyers were working to find ways to limit or undercut the investigation, also looking into possible conflicts of interest in Mr Mueller's team, and discussing the president's authority to grant pardons.

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How Men Can Stop Women from Cheating

 Do you want to stop your woman from cheating on your in your marriage or relationship? Here are the secrets you've been waiting for.

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*

Finally, researchers have discovered the singular s*x style that is capable of preventing a woman from going astray in a relationship!
For men who love to have a head, aka oral s*x, with their women, researchers have said there are scientific reasons for that pastime, and that it is one huge way a man could keep his woman and prevent her from cheating!
 The researchers claim that women love their men to perform oral s*x on them, and that one of the reasons for that preference is as a result of evolution. They add that women are likely to be more satisfied by a man who regularly performs oral s*x on them.
 In fact, it turns out that women may actually have evolved to be more attracted to men who regularly perform oral s*x on them. A research published in the Medical Daily draws this conclusion from a 2013 study of 243 men in long-term straight relationships. The authors of this study tested to see if oral s*x has a definitive evolutionary purpose for women, or whether it’s just harmless foreplay fun.
 They found that women who regularly receive oral s*x are more likely to be faithful, with oral s*x representing a key strategy for men to retain their women and keep them happy.
 Medical Daily wrote: “The research showed that men who were most likely to report getting their partner to orgasm during oral sex were more likely to think their woman was sought after by other men.
“Therefore, the more eager men are to please partners believed to have better options, the more likely they may be to perform cunnilingus to keep their mates from cheating.”
The study essentially found that women who are satisfied by their partners are much less likely to resort to cheating. But biologists also believe that there is another reason why women have evolved to enjoy oral s*x so much.
S*x experts claim that when women have oral s*x performed on them before intercourse, it can drastically improve s*x quality. Not only does this increase the amount of arousal a woman feels, but it naturally lubricates things, which makes for higher quality s*x. Experts also claim that the same goes for men, with pre-s*x oral offering a way for women to guarantee that their men are well lubricated and ready for reproduction.
“This means that all sorts of sexual behaviours can be traced back to evolutionary roots, when sex was a serious business and things had to be just right,” the research concluded.

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How High School Dropout Became Youngest Self-made Female Billionaire

A young high school dropout has become the youngest self-made billionaire through hardwork even after floating her own company.

Zhou Qunfei

The 47-year-old, Zhou Qunfei has beome the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world after dropping out of high school.
According to Metro, the woman who is the founder and CEO of Lens Technology which makes glass screens for iPhones became a multi-billionaire after her company went public in 2015 and her net worth is now estimated to be £7.6 billion.
 That total makes her not only the youngest self-made female billionaire on the planet but also the richest self-made woman on earth.
 Not bad for someone who dropped out of school in China aged 16 to work on the floor of a watch lens factory. Zhou’s story to success began at the age of 22 when she founded her own company making watch lenses in 1993, according to Money.
 ‘During the period of China’s rapid economic growth, there were plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, including women,’ she told AFR.
‘It allowed me to develop my business.
 ‘It allowed me to develop my business.’
In 2015, she told the Times she chose to pursue business instead of getting married or engaged at 16, like many girls in her village.
 She started working in the phone industry in 2003 when Motorola approached her to work on a scratch-proof lens for its new Razr V3 phone.
 It started taking orders from HTC, Nokia, Samsung and then Apple for its first iPhone.
 Today her company is worth £8.4billion and has 32 factories, employing more than 90,000 staff. She is married with two children from a previous marriage but still manages to pull 18 hour days and keeps living quarters in her office.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

How Celebrities Look Without Makeup (1)

Whether they're appearing in movies, music videos, or on the front covers of magazines, celebrities are rarely seen without a face full of makeup and/or a misleading amount of Photoshop. But as you can see from this revealing list compiled by Bored Panda, sometimes celebrities get tired of living up to expectations. Sometimes they just want to be normal people for a day, and what better way to act normal than by looking as tired and ungroomed as the mortal masses!
From Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara to Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway, the pictures below contain a bunch of your favorite famous people like you've never seen them before. Who looks the best without makeup? Let us know in the comments below.

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