Sunday, January 1, 2017

PEATU President Reacts to President Biya's New Year Message

Afu Stephen, The President of The Presbyterian Education Authority Teachers’ Trade Union, PEATTU has made a critical analysis of President Biya's New Year Message
Excerpts below: .
I listened to the Head of State 's address with rapt attention.While noting a few issues that he qualified "unacceptable" I equally noted those he prescribed as the way forward.
Negotiations and dialogue.Yes.
How ?Dialogue without prejudices and per-conditions.
The events building up to this speech for once made me to recognise,acknowledge and applaud all Anglophones of good will for their sense of purposeful unity,and the fact that the majority have accepted that there are indeed Anglophone problems.
Way forward.
The President himself has prescribed some and to quote him
"...Besides the bodies that I have instructed the government to set up and which are alreadyat work,We are ready to go an Extra Mile.We are willing to move in the footsteps and spirit of the Architects of Reunification,and to put in place a national entity which will be tasked with proposing solutions aimed at maintaining peace,consolidating our country's unity and strengthening our resolve and our day to day experiences of living together."
Yes,this can be done,and done well in good faith.
The Catholic Bishops of the NW/SW Regions and the Rt Rev Moderator of the Presbyterian church in Cameroon have released Pastoral letters prescribing similar solutions after identifying the problems.They have used God 's voice.
Those in government and without belong to these and other churches.They should see themselves as instruments in God's hands to solve these problems using their positions.They owe these to their people.
Another All Anglophone Conference should be convened to articulate these issues and once again propose solutions on this broader platform,in v readiness for the Extra Mile indicated by the Head of State.Meantime,the other stakeholders should be engaging in exploring other ways to get lasting solutions to the problems.

Happy New Year 2017.We at least are blessed amidst the difficulties that God has led us this far.

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