Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ahead International Labour Day: CamCCUL Extends Hand of Fellowship to the Needy

In keeping with its long tradition of respectfully sharing and caring with the underprivileged, needy and lovely members as well as communities of the broad credit Union family, the president of CAMCCUL led donations and prayer visits as part of activities marking International labour day. 
The delegation which was led by CamCCUL President Musa Shey Nfor stormed the Emmanuel sisterhood and Magdalene Home care centre at Akum with goodies and prayers. The prayer session was organised with some 43 kids including anglophones, francophones, Christians, Moslems, mentally challenged, orphans etc. CamCCUL extended a hand of fellowship by donating gifts to the centers. The Musa Shey Nfor delegation moved to the Bamenda central prison where they met close to 800 inmates with whom they shared gifts and prayers. The President encouraged them not to loose hope but rather to learn trades so that upon leaving prisons the credit unions can finance their activities. Other similar visits followed in Achah Annex where they communed and donated to patients before moving to Abangoh orphanage. In this orphanage with close to 100 orphans (with the youngest being 13days old) timely gifts were donated. Prayers and dancing were top. Next was the Sajoka centre in Bafut with similar agenda
Pics of the trip to Akum below

Pics of the visit at the Bamenda Central Prison below

Pics of the visit to Achah Maternity below

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