Monday, May 15, 2017

Macron Dribbles Book Makers, Names Edouard Philippe New PM

New Prime Minister of France

President Emmanuel Macron who was installed yesterday has named Edourd Philippe as France’s new Prime Minister. The 46 years old mayor of the Northern Port of Le Havre is a Centre-right republican yet won Macron’s confidence for the top job.  It should be noted that Philippe is said to be a right hand man to Alain Juppe. Before he became mayor, he is said to have worked in the private sector and co-wrote a political thriller with Gilles Boyer. His appointment to the top job has watered down speculations and expectations that President Emmanuel Macron was going to name woman as Prime Minister. However, reports say there is diversified political opinion over Philippe’s appointment. BBC Website quotes Alain Juppe as saying that the new PM is “man of great talent”. Yet Republican party Secretary General Bernard Accoyer has a different view, “ will this new Prime Minister support the President’s En March candidates or candidates of his political family”, he is quoted to have asked.

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