Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cameroonian Guys are Not Romantic-Daphne


One of Cameroon’s rising female singer, Daphne is quoted to have said that Cameroonian guys are not romantic.

  Daphne who is celebrated for her famous soundtrack "Calee" is said to have told Team237mag in an exclusive interview that: “Well from my encounter, I know Cameroonian guys are really smart and cute in their own way but the bad thing I hate about Cameroonian guys is that they are very unromantic".

Impressionists are of the opinion that this decade has recorded the emergence of a huge number of young musicians that distinguished themselves by their aspirations to address pertinent issues and with a new social and philosophical tone, yet semantically undefined. Apparently, this new music "rids" or "emancipates" itself from the statements they make in public. 

The question which many have been asking is whether what musicians say is the only the function of text in music or in a broader sense also the capabilities of language, and, ultimately, the whole "logocentric" philosophical tradition of a generation.


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