Thursday, June 1, 2017

Former First Lady Turns Preacher, Opens Own Church

A former first lady and popular businesswoman who had maintained a low profile after her dramatic divorce, is now a preacher at a South Africa-based church.
According to multiple online reports, Locadia Tembo Karimatsenga, who is a former first lady of Zimbabwe, is now a preacher at a South Africa-based church, Nation of Glory Ministries.
 The pretty lady who was married to Morgan Tsvangirai for just 12 days, was seen in a flyer advertising a church crusade in Johannesburg in which Karimatsenga is the convener.
 The flyer of the crusade “promises signs and wonders, miracles and lots of worship and sharing of the word.”
The church flyer
The church’s press secretary, Brilliant Pongo confirmed to a reporter that Karimatsenga was the founder of the ministry whose primary goal was empowering the community and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
“Apostle has such a big passion for the gospel and her mission is to do good in the community, so this is why she has set up the Glory Night crusades.
“However, she is not restricted to one geographic place. Her passion for God’s work means she will go to any part of the world that God wants her to go. She loves Zimbabwe and that is a place that she hopes to hold Glory Night crusades.
“Through her selflessness, she has always been dedicated to serving others. She has found it to be a joy to serve God.
“The South African public have taken kindly to her and the ministry. The public has been very supportive of her calling and the ministry is growing profoundly.”

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