Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nzoyoum Nicolas Appointed Permanent Representative for the CEMAC

Nzoyoum Nicolas
Before his appointment, Nzoyoum Nicolas was since 2014 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cameroon to the Central African Republic, with residence in Bangui. Following Presidential Decree n°2017/305 of 22 June 2017, Nzoyoum Nicolas was catapulted to the position of Permanent Representative of Cameroon in the CEMAC. He is a very experienced diplomat who has served Cameroon in various capacities both at home and abroad.
Indian philosopher, PR Sarkar, developed a new science of society that was neither solely past-oriented nor present oriented. Sarkar’s goal was to embark on a balanced institutional art whereby silenced voices are given room to be heard and out of sight structures given the opening to be known. That theory brought to limelight those who have been doing great things silently. The unsung heroes and or silence achievers we can call them for they are people who think and act for the betterment of society. They are the good grains of the future on which society can rely on in order to face the numerous emerging challenges. If history,  as they say is sprinkled with the legacies of the few unique and courageous individuals, one of such personalities who has stood tall in the madding crowd as great diplomat and God-fearing person  is Nzoyoum Nicolas. The first time I met him in Yaounde, we would very often describe him to his kids as “the smiling preacher and diplomat,” and what I still remember is that he was like returning to the good old gospel that truly gives life a meaning. Like Paul of old, every truly evangelical pulpit must sound out the clear message of “repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:21). 
This appointment by the head of state is actually taking Nzoyoum Nicolas into history books as a role model. If Aristotle, the greatest philosopher who introduced the concept of role models in society argued that human race without exceptional characters is like a ship without a captain. There is no doubt that Aristotle was talking of people with exceptional characters like Nyozoum Nicolas.
 From his diplomatic experience and his ability in spreading the message of God (though I observed while still very young and waking up to life), Pa Nzoyoum as we fondly called him has shown that he is an amazing character, embodied with an unalloyed modesty, vigor and bouncing enthusiasm to impact society. He is a great man some of us would always look up to as a Role Model and an Exemplary citizen. The most interesting thing about this great diplomat is that he believes like Martin Luther King that “working is praying” and by so doing, his human and divine acts overrides, the human one bringing him closer to God and people.

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