Friday, June 9, 2017

Transfers, Redeployment of Teachers Spark Controversy at MINMIDT

Gbwaboubou Ernest
An atmosphere of dissatisfaction now looms in the ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development where GBWABOUBOU Ernest is Minister. This is so following a decision by Gbwaboubou Ernest to send away all teachers back to their ministry of origin. Popular opinion holds that the minister’s transfer decision is archaic and biased given that the minister himself is just a “butterfly who thinks himself a bird” in that ministry. Teachers, we gathered are aghast that they have been victimized by the minister’s decision who himself is a former Divisional Officer and not expert miner. Expressionists have expressed disgust over the recent transfers in that ministry which many say has added salt and pepper to the unfortunate teacher crisis. The Eye is aware that over 70 teachers serving in that ministry have been redeployed to their ministry of origin. He is quoted to have called teachers “strangers”. This statement sources say has sparked anger amongst the teachers who have served in that ministry for years. Many have described Gbwaboubou’s statement as discriminatory and a huge abyss in administration.

It should be recalled that on June 2, 2017 Gbwaboubou Ernest signed a ministerial text sending back all teachers to their ministry of origin. Those who have been affected by this decision include mostly Regional, Divisional Delegates and others in the central administration.  

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