Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Great Man is Gone; Farewell Ache Franklin aka Enfant Noir

Ache Franklin aka Enfant Noir du Cameroun was laid to rest yesterday July 1, in Bamukumbit, Ngoketunjia of the North West Region. The death of this great man will surely go down as one of the saddest days in Bamukumbit village. Ache Franklin, popularly known Enfant Noir by his artistic name, leaves behind him fond memories to students, radio listeners, music lovers and colleagues’ teachers. The best way that I can describe his departure and keep it simple is by saying a great man has passed away. One who has impacted lives not just in the North West region, but the entire nation as a whole. The dictionary describes a hero as a man admired for his achievements and qualities, by my own views and judgement Ache Franklin was a hero, a source of inspiration and motivation to many young Cameroonians. Today, this puzzling disappearance raises the question of why men are leaving the earth and when we know and feel as though our lives are surrounded by darkness.

 His departure to the heavens has left a full-size empty space. For a man who had done so much yet, dignified, and soft-spoken, with a vocabulary and manner, Ache Franklin projected an air of quiet authority, even when he was Discipline Master.
A Shakespearean tragedy as so far considered may be called a story of exceptional calamity leading to the death of a man in high estate. But it is clearly much more than this, and we have now to regard it from another side.
Heaven has again loosened on humanity. The news of the demise of Ache Franklin aka L’Enfant Noir Du Cameroun came as a shock to many including people in Donga Mantung Division and especially Nkambe town where he was Geology teacher, started his musical career and was manager of Savannah Frontier Radio. Though grieved by the sad news, it should be noted Ache Franklin will remain and continue to be remembered for his creativity. As Geology teacher at GBHS Nkambe, he left an indelible mark of greatness. As a musician, he leaves behind the legendary lyrics in Limbum that it may take centuries for someone to topple. And as former Manager of Savannah Frontier Radio, Nkambe, his management skills and innovative ideas will forever be remembered as he produced some of the best jingles, created the everlasting radio programmes. The inventor of "molo molo dance" as he was fondly called has left his friends, students and colleagues in a confused state yet that life is nothing. He etched his name on the pillars of history and his actions will continue to echo across the century.
 A Voice, a Man is Gone, a talent and in fact an Iconic teaching teacher who will be missed. Ache’s demise is a big lost to the North West and Cameroon for he was such a great man that words alone can’t describe. To sum it all, he was enthusiastic and hard-working...RIP L’Enfant Noir. So much more can be said about this son of the soil. Yes, not just a teacher, musician, school administrator has passed away but a great man. My condolences go out to every member of his family. May he rest in Peace.

 ****Photo Credit: Nko Dogo
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