Saturday, July 1, 2017

Former NUDP Youth President Urges National Assembly Speaker to Apologise to Northwesterners

Tamfu Ndansi Elvis Nukam
"Tamfu" Ndansi Elvis Nukam, Former National Youth President of the NUDP has called on the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Cavaye Yegie Djirbil to apologise to the people of the North West Region of Cameroon for denigrating their traditional outfit, and values. "Tamfu" Ndansi Elvis made the clarion call in an exclusive interview with the lone English Language Daily, The Guardian Post.  
Harping on the incident that transpired at the National Assembly between the House Speaker and Hon. Fusi Naamukong, Tamfu Ndansi Elvis exploded that the House Speaker did not only show alot of disrespect to Hon. Fusi, but (he) Hon. Cavaye also demonstrated disrespect for North West tradition and culture given that the MP while in Parliament does not only represents the people, he or she also represents the culture of his/her people. It should be recalled that Hon. Fusi Naamukong was refused the opportunity to address his colleagues on grounds that he was putting on a traditional regalia. On Wednesday June 28, 2017 Hon. Cavaye Yegie stopped from speaking in Parliament. To him, the SDF MP for Bafut and Tubah Special Constituency was ‘poorly dressed’ and is not fit to address his honorable colleagues at the national assembly with such an outfit. There was anger and frustration in the House as Hon Banadzem took the rostrum to ask Cavaye to establish a dress code for the House. He argued that what Hon Fusi was putting on was same dress Cameroon delegation used in Brazil. He too was hushed down. In anger, Mbah Ndam told Cavaye that he too was poorly dressed as he was in a gangdura. Cavaye retorted that the gandura was an official dress”a source at the national assembly writes.
Hon. Fusi Naamukon: Is this poor dressing?
Ndansi Elvis who was crowned Tamfu by the Wimbum Community (2012) and knows the value of tradition has added his voice by asking the Speaker of the National Assembly to publicly apologise to the people of the North West Region. Ndansi Elvis Nukam also made a good analysis  at the way MPs of the North West usually dress adding that they look most fantastic, awesome and gorgeous in their traditional regalia.
He recalled that when he traveled to the United States of America and later met the then President Barack Obama, he was dressed in the North West regalia. "I was dressed in the traditional North West regalia and I can remember vividly that there were more than 50 people who took pictures with me just because of what I was putting on". .
Yet Tamfu Ndansi Elvis emphasized that the drama the unfolded only brought to the limelight the task and challenges that lie ahead of the national commission for the promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism headed by Musongue. MPs do not only represent the people in Parliament, they represent their culture, traditional values and heritage he concluded.

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