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Fru Ndi's Challenger Publishes Own Manifesto

 Teche Nyamusa, the self proclaimed candidate to challenge chairman Ni John Fru Ndi as SDF National chairman/ 2018 Presidential elections has made public his political manifesto.

Here below are the excerpts of Teche Nyamusa's political manifesto

Felix Teche Nyamusa, candidate for SDF National chair/Cameroon 2018 presidential elections, manifesto excerpts:

The Nyamusa campaign goes for a two states federal Cameroon of equal status – bi-jural, bilingual, bicultural …

The Nyamusa campaign normally recognizes the “Right to self determination” of all including “Ambaland”.

Nyamusa urges “Anglophones” and “Francophones” to each come up with the education system and/or other adaptations that suit her, if need be.

President Felix Teche Nyamusa(pending your votes) pledges to pay reparations to all marginalized, deprived, subjugated Cameroonians from independence till date.

Nyamusa plans to restore the appellation for our country – “Federal Democratic United Cameroon Republic” or so of the original goals of President Ahmadou Ahidjo and Premier John Ngu Foncha and their comrades of the 1961 plebiscite.

Federal Democratic United Cameroon Republic will have at least three parliaments comprising of: a Federal parliament; an Anglophone State parliament; a Francophone state parliament. In addition to of course an elected federal president; each state will have an elected governor; elected federal parliamentarians of the federal parliament; elected state parliamentarians; of course elected local councilors with elected council chairpersons. No to government delegates, No to DOs, No to SDOs, No to appointed governors as obtained in the CPDM(former CNU) era.

The Federal government shall derive its power from state governments. Though the Federal government is superior and acts commander-in- chief, no law or decision proposal will become federal law without the approval of at least majority members of each state - hence the minority state in population will never be dictated to by the majority state in population. Equally the right to self determination is therefore reinforced.

In the envisaged Federal Democratic United Cameroon Republic, separation of powers will be total. If president is from one state, the vice must be of the other state and vice versa. If different presidents of the same state consecutively remain in power for four (single or double) terms of office, then obligatorily the fifth term president will go to the dormant state and the vice goes to the domineering state. Each term of office of the president shall be four years renewable once.

ELECAM which is pro CPDM will be replaced with a unanimously (considering the meaningful political parties, civil society, clergy, youths, women …) accepted elections body.

No to “Anglophones” marginalization; No to “Francophones” marginalization!

Nyamusa believes in pan Africa, pan Cameroon but we must go to equity with clean hands. Nyamusa believes in meaningful friendly inter countries cooperation.

My party SDF manifesto ably compliments these! These and more democratic ideals are achievable !

Dictatorship can be removed or thrown out either through the door or window by resorting to the last Cameroon resolve - an article originating from international human rights and United Nations charters and ratified by our country Cameroon government!

The Nyamusa campaign has a listening ear to all Cameroonians.

President Nyamusa (pending your votes) will tackle Boko Haram and related challenges fundamentally in a way not to clampdown or challenge foreign freedom fighters but taking optimum care of Cameroon’s borders. The plight of the Bakas, Bororos … minorities is of great concern to the Nyamusa crusade.

Nyamusa campaign pledges to make SDF her base an example of democracy where elective secretary general will be reintroduced, the erection of a befitting national secretariat, ensure effective separation of powers particularly at the apex party ruling organ (NEC).

The Nyamusa 2018 Cameroon presidential campaign complete manifesto is contained in a book – “Effective Democratic Succession in Cameroon” in English and French in bookshops nationwide!

The Nyamusa campaign advocates for the abolition of the French backed “Francs CFA” currency for a national or Africa regional currency as soon as possible to enhance industrialization and an improved fiscal policy to say the least!

May God guide Cameroon!

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