Saturday, July 22, 2017

How High School Dropout Became Youngest Self-made Female Billionaire

A young high school dropout has become the youngest self-made billionaire through hardwork even after floating her own company.

Zhou Qunfei

The 47-year-old, Zhou Qunfei has beome the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world after dropping out of high school.
According to Metro, the woman who is the founder and CEO of Lens Technology which makes glass screens for iPhones became a multi-billionaire after her company went public in 2015 and her net worth is now estimated to be £7.6 billion.
 That total makes her not only the youngest self-made female billionaire on the planet but also the richest self-made woman on earth.
 Not bad for someone who dropped out of school in China aged 16 to work on the floor of a watch lens factory. Zhou’s story to success began at the age of 22 when she founded her own company making watch lenses in 1993, according to Money.
 ‘During the period of China’s rapid economic growth, there were plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, including women,’ she told AFR.
‘It allowed me to develop my business.
 ‘It allowed me to develop my business.’
In 2015, she told the Times she chose to pursue business instead of getting married or engaged at 16, like many girls in her village.
 She started working in the phone industry in 2003 when Motorola approached her to work on a scratch-proof lens for its new Razr V3 phone.
 It started taking orders from HTC, Nokia, Samsung and then Apple for its first iPhone.
 Today her company is worth £8.4billion and has 32 factories, employing more than 90,000 staff. She is married with two children from a previous marriage but still manages to pull 18 hour days and keeps living quarters in her office.

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