Tuesday, July 18, 2017

If Your Partner Does Any Of These 5 Things, You Need to Think Twice

 There are certain red flags that point out the fact that you should not be in a relationship with your current partner. These are some of those things. Human relationships are dotted with challenges, such that there may be no perfect relationship anywhere And while many people would give their very life to keep a relationship, experts counsel that if your partner is guilty of these six thins, you may have to reconsider that relationship!
What are the red flags? These ones…
• They act like your child:
Instead of looking for a girlfriend or wife, some men desire to marry a woman who would act as their mother-wife all rolled up into one. As well as this being no fun, it’s a bad sign of the man’s character that he is taking advantage of you like this.
• They make you feel drained:
It’s officially not fun anymore when you come away from time with them and feel exhausted.
A relationship therapist, Dr. Ian Kerner, warns that this red flag can be resolved. Try to pinpoint what it is about being with your partner that makes you feel this way.
Then try to raise the issue with him or her. If you can’t resolve it, or if you feel you don’t want to put energy into trying, it could be time to walk away.
• They don’t trust you:
Not trusting you can be due to their own insecurities, but it’s not your fault, and nor is it your job to go above and beyond the call of duty to show them you’re trustworthy.
• Odd behaviour: You know what this is, don’t you?
• They’re rude to waiters:
Another recurring character trait that puts people off their date is when the person is rude to the person bringing them food. This is a hard and fast rule for friendships too.
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