Sunday, July 9, 2017

LIFIDEP Donates Fish Farming Materials to Farmers of Misaje Sub Div

Before handing over the material estimated in millions of FCFA to beneficiary farming groups, the President of Misaje Fish Farmers Cooperative, Ngariwa Lawrence expressed gratitude to the Livestock and Fisheries Development Project-LIFIDEP for the timely support. Misaje sub Division he added has the potentials to produce fish and that the support will stimulate farmers to go back into fish farming as a reliable source of revenue and protein.
Recognizing the importance of fish to food security and it's nutritional value, is one of the preoccupations of the Livestock and Fisheries Development Project (a baby project of MIDENO) headed by Mbipeh Pius Sirdiki. However, promoting fish farming or aquaculture which should be done to maintain or sustain the farms, given the challenges that both fisheries and aquaculture are face in terms of sustainability and governance is what the project is trying to put in place. Notwithstanding, experts say the solution is the development of sustainable aquaculture, that generates less pollution, generates jobs, and ensure food self-sufficiency. Prospects are high that Donga Mantung should regain its past glories by developing the aquaculture sector.
The population’s appetite for fish is steadily growing. Carps and tilapia currently make what is mostly available in majority of farms.

Photo Credit: Tanjong Gideon 
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